A new journey ….

Hi …Oh …HI !!
Welcome here..
What did I do all these months ?
Nothing of consequence …but its been hectic and I literally craved ornate papers and scissors every single day..now when I am back …the mojo decided to leave me for a sabbatical.
Its COLD ..within the university campus and it feels cruel to leave my warm spot.
I know ..excuses !
So a good friend tied the knot and I decided to surprise her with something handmade 😀 and it may not remain a surprise if she hops on to the blog. :S
This is my first envelope mini and its inspired by Laura of Following the Paper Trail.
The binding is a again inspired by her.
Lets roll people…

A new journey .... 1

I have been eyeing the Tim Holtz Ornate plates for the past 6 months..I love it …to say the least. I mean its pure genius. I bought this from Craft Adda and trust me..although I itch to use it, I don’t have the heart to give it away.

Anyway glossy accented the plates after printing the names on a paper and distressing it with walnut stain distress ink, again bought from Craft Adda along with 6 other colours.  The background of the cover page was dry embossed-distressed-heat embossed and then finally coloured with Fired Brick and Scattered Straw distress inks with a water brush. Lovely effect!! 

A new journey .... 2
That flourish you see above is actually a backing of a wooden flourish I got from a craft shop. 😀 
A new journey .... 3
This above, happens to be the first page of the album. 
A new journey .... 4

Do you see the bead binding ?? Those are wooden beads I used as spacers between the album pages. 
The papers are paper mania capsule collection papers in reds and yellows. Quite festive .. 
A new journey .... 5
There are flowers as tabs to pull out a large tag from the page pockets. 
I also got a MS doily lace punch from Craft Adda which I adore… I think its such an elegant design that it goes well with almost every theme. 
A new journey .... 6
How do you like it ?? 
Hmm…may be the watermark is more interesting 😉 
A new journey .... 7
For the spine…well I had to mull a lot over what to use. Since I generally end up with ginormous paper spines in greed of space I decided to use a gorgeous crochet lace. I glimmer misted it in red and then used a hot glue gun to paste it as spine. 
A new journey .... 8
For the first time in my long & pathetic life, I was relatively neat ..whats with the side view in the picture below 😛 
Something that is not distorted and THAT my dear people is an Accomplishment for a wretched person like me. 
Now that I am posting I suddenly remembered that I forgot to click the tags out in the open. 🙁 
Seriously they are matchy matchy !! 
Gaaah…see …and you thought I was done.
A new journey .... 9
This is my first post at Craft Adda blog and I am not my usual chirpy self because I am transitioning between Snow leopard and Mountain Lion ( My Mac OS) and its a great shift !! 
Anyway the idea is to inspire you and also learn …
So let me know if you require any additional details or a tute !!
Thats me for now …signing off ..but keep visiting as I promise to be a lot more regular.. 🙂 
Looking forward to your reactions .. 
And yeah drop in, by the shop anytime, for some much needed window shopping if not serious purchases…I do that a lot!!
Trust me you would find something useful and then its just a click away. Shopping for craft supplies never got better that this.  🙂
Kalindi 🙂

9 thoughts on “A new journey ….”

  1. Hello Kalindi…its my first visit to ur blog and i really loved ur album n the festive colors u choose for this….so simply becomes ur fan for ur right choice of colors…happy to follow u.
    P.S.:- Pls stop word verification in ur account settings..thnks

  2. Hi Kalindi – Its a very beautiful and awesome card 🙂 loved it very much…

    Thanks so much for making it for both of us 🙂


  3. Waaaaoooo!!!!! OMG OMG !! 😛 Happy dance … 😛 I cant believe that i am going to get this 😀 cant wait to see it personally.
    Thank you so so much for such amazing work of art ….
    I think whole album is superb , the embossing is superfabulous and the lace wow ! Your choice of colors is as always stunning and this is one of ur most beautiful work !! 🙂

    PS: Craft adda ….can we please have the word verification on comments removed …. Pretty please !

  4. This is some serious Awesome work Kalindi !! I can't keep my eyes off this beautiful masterpiece …you have so cleverly used those beads and lace to make this beautiful album more outstanding …and the Bg flourish idea is pure genius:)

  5. This is classy Kalindi.. lovely wedding book.. colors are so striking.. love the effect of dry embossed, distressed, heat embossed front color.. so now you know what you should be gifting me.. 😉

  6. Awesome mini Kalindi..love the colour combination and the ornate plate… Its so beautiful. I would never have given it to anyone! 😀 .. flowers are gorgeous..love the crochet lace.

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