Amazing Review on Liquid Glaze by Neha Bhatt

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Today, I am sharing my experiments using Craftangles Liquid glaze. It is an acrylic medium which can be used as it is as a top coat for any ink, decoupage or acrylic painting. You can mix it with regular acrylic paints and make it work as pouring medium. once it is dry, it is super glossy like resin  and hard enough to protect your work. 

Project 1 using Liquid Glaze

Lets start with the projects.I was super curious to see if it works to coat my alcohol ink art. I tried directly on a sample piece but glaze fades the ink. I use this Kamar Varnish By Kylon to seal all my ink art. I had this ink work done on a coaster which I sealed with Kamar varnish, let it dry and added a coat of Craftangle liquid glaze.

liquid glaze

I poured enough glaze so that it will cover the whole coaster uniformly but will not drip from the sides. I allowed it to dry overnight. It was looking fantastic in the morning. all levelled up and shiny. 

Isn’t it gorgeous?? I always struggle with resin. I find it to messy and don’t like the smell too. This liquid glaze has no smell and no need to measure & mix resin and clean up the after mess. It is very convenient.

Project 2 using Liquid Glaze

For second project, I used golden acrylic inks on Yupo paper

Amazing Review on Liquid Glaze by Neha Bhatt 1

I applied various colors on yupo, allowed it to dry.

Cut few petal shapes and a pot shape. Adhere all in a collage on a coaster with glue.

I applied 2 coats of glaze with a brush. Allow first coat dry totally before applying 2nd coat. Unlike alcohol inks, acrylic inks don’t need sealing with Kamar varnish. Bingo! I used Golden high flow inks but you can use Daler Rowney inks too. They stay vibrant as they do not react with the glaze. A coat of glaze add so much of depth to the colors.

Project 3 using Liquid Glaze

Third project is quite similar to above one.

I took a round coaster and applied light blue ink for sky on 2/3 part of it.

Cut and adhere different green and yellow pieces for hills. Added some details with white gel pen. Golden pen for some more details and sun.

This is how I elevate the art work before pouring coat of glaze

Cover it with a lid so no dust particles will settle on it while drying.

Check the depth and shine.

Project 4 using Liquid Glaze

For the last project, I tried to use it as pouring medium. I took a dollop of regular acrylic paint from a tube in a small cup and add double amount of glaze to it. Mix it well and use it as pour paint on any surface. One thing I have to point it out that the glaze  is heat sensitive so you can not use heat tool to move the paint around. I used straw and a wooden skewer to create ripple effect.

I am not super happy with this one. I needed more color but it was late and i was tired so spread the color little too thin. I have to try this again. I will share soon.

I hope you got an idea of the glaze. Try it out. It is an amazing product. See you soon with some pouring. 

Thank you so much for being here.
Neha Bhatt

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      1. Thanks for replying Khyati. Went through the video and it had all the informations needed on how to use the product. Loved the projects you did using the Glaze. Would love to see tutorials on few of those wonderful projects. Thanks.

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