Beautiful Autumn Leaf Watercolor Tutorial

Hello everyone
Today I will be sharing a watercolor autumn leaf tutorial with all of you, It can be framed and used as a perfect frame in the house as a part of the decor. Before we head on to the tutorial dont forget to checkout our ongoing challenge and do participate

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Here are some of the glimpse of the watercolor autumn leaf tutorial that I will sharing along with a video tutorial

Let’s talk about the @craftangles Cold pressed watercolor paper: 👇

I always suggest that the most important art supply in watercolor paintings is the paper. And I found this one really in-line with my requirement.

100% cotton makes it hold water really well and for long making it easy to paint.

300 gsm thickness doesn’t let the paper disintegrate after multiple washes. And holds the paper flat. No buckles no wrinkles even on heavy washes.

Every painting takes a lot of effort. And we all like to keep it safe. This acid-free paper will take care of that.

The cold pressed paper has a semi-rough surface and is good for both detailed work

And of course, it is a priced economical paper for beginners.

Beautiful Autumn Leaf Watercolor Tutorial 1

I hope you enjoy the video tutorial linked below –

Supplied used –

CrafTangles Liquid Watercolor

CrafTangles Watercolor Paper

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