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Beautifully Abstract Design Decoupage Coasters

Hello Everyone

Arpita here, hope you all are doing well and all set for another fun Decoupage coasters tutorial today.

Before we go ahead to the project do check out our monthly challenge Here

Beautifully Abstract Design Decoupage Coasters 1

Craftangles in thier latest release came with an amazing product Liquid Glaze . This is such an amazing and versatile product and so easy to use . liquid glaze gives you a resin like finish and the best part is you don’t have to worry about getting correct measurements and mixing. So now Isn’t it hazzle free and easy to use.

So now about today’s project,I will be making a set of coasters and will be showing a interesting way to incorporate glaze with Decoupage. Hope you all like this idea,I totally enjoyed the process.

Here is the decoupage coasters I have made

Here you can watch the complete process

Materials Used

Orange Squash Chalky Paint

Snow white chalky paint

Doodled Decoupage Paper

Craftangles Decoupage Varnish

Decoupage Glue

Gilding Flakes

Craftangles Liquid Glaze

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Arpita Tornal

Arpita is from Namma Bengaluru and has been crafting for almost 13-14 years now. Her journey began with embroidery and she can work with various art forms like sospeso,mosaic art,resin art.

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