Christmas Baubles with Craftangles Liquid Watercolors

Hey friends,
It’s me, Heena from @artfeltcreations. Today I am sharing a process Video of painting baubles. The main focus are the baubles hanging on the Christmas tree so I am sharing with you how to achieve a blurry effect and keep your main object in focus.

Christmas Baubles with Craftangles Liquid Watercolors 1

I am sharing this video and I would like to tell you that when you try this video, you have to make sure you don’t repeat my mistake. Yes, I did a mistake and I don’t want to hide it and neither I wanted to make this video again. Because we all make mistakes and this is how we learn. The mistake was not being patient enough. When I painted the baubles I didn’t wait enough for the paper to dry. So when you are trying this, just make sure your paper is completely dry before you start working on baubles. Ok without further ado let’s watch the video.

I hope you have enjoyed the video. Here is the list of materials I  have used.
Moss green
Gold Dust
Silver Moonlight
Thank you so much. I hope you have enjoyed my tutorials so far and you can reach me on my Instagram page @artfeltcreations.


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