COURAGE – Rust Patina Tags

This is Monalisa here and I am back on blog with another mixed media tutorial on Rust Patina Tags. I hope you all are doing great. Before going ahead with tutorial, do not forget to participate to our monthly challenge. The current month’s theme is MASCULINE . There are lots of inspiration projects to help you out.

COURAGE – Rust Patina Tags 1

Here are the glimpses of rust patina tags :-

rust patina
COURAGE – Rust Patina Tags 2
COURAGE – Rust Patina Tags 3
COURAGE – Rust Patina Tags 4
COURAGE – Rust Patina Tags 5
COURAGE – Rust Patina Tags 6
COURAGE – Rust Patina Tags 7
COURAGE – Rust Patina Tags 8

The quotation of my work is ‘Take these broken wings and learn to fly ‘. I tried to portray the eternal expression of courage. We know that everyone has different struggles in their life but we take inspirations from the hardest one people overcome and that becomes an inspirational story for many. Whenever we see the story of a lady who conquered Everest summit, lost a leg in an accident but that incident couldn’t back her down rather fueled her inner instinct to go out concurring the highest point on Earth. This type of story touches our souls.

There are lots of people around us who suffered a great deal but still fighting for the stepping stone to success without surrendering to the negativity. Majority of the time we see their achievement in the end and not their painful journey on the road to success. I created this tag to portray that journey. Through rusty patina, I tried to convey the struggle they face before brushing aside the difficulties to eventually fly high. People love to judge and sympathize rather than empathize that corrode the morale to the path to success.

I am providing a detailed video tutorial: –

CrafTangles supplies used for this project are:-

CrafTangles mixed media essentials – Gesso – Charcoal (120 ml)

CrafTangles mixed media essentials – Texture Paste – Asphalt – Black Sand (120 ml)

CrafTangles 6”/6” stencil -Mesh me not stencil.

CrafTangles mixed media essentials – acrylic soft gel (gloss gel medium).

CrafTangles Rust effect texture paste (set of 4).

CrafTangles Patina effect texture paste (set of 4).

CrafTangles mixed media essentials- Copper penny art waxes.

CrafTangles mixed media essentials – Sapphire art waxes.

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Hope you enjoyed todays tutorial. Do comment below to share your feedback.

Thank you

Monalisa Dutta


Monalisa Dutta

Known as 'Lisa's FairyCraft' in Social Media. She loves to play with colours and textures while creating mixed media art. She is an avid altered art enthusiast and loves to experiment with styles

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