CrafTangles Decemeber Release

Hello Artists,

Today we are sharing with you all some of the new products that we have added to our product lines under CrafTangles this December.

To start off with our first release of the day is CrafTangles ink blending brushes.
These blending brushes will change how you blend colors be it your card bases, mixed media projects or gilding projects.
CrafTangles blending brushes have really dense hair fibers picking up good amount of color and helps with better blending.
A pack contains 3 blending brushes and each of them are of the same
size to help with the consistency of the blending and perfectly sized
for better blend coverage for your cards.
Bring out the pro ink
blender in you with these premium quality blending brushes. With
superior control, creative possibilities are endless.
Works with all water based inks, Easy to use, Clean using mild soap and water
Brush Head Size 3×4 cm Handle Size 15.5 cm

These brushes comes in a pack of 3 and are priced at 599 Rs, introductory offer 549 Rs only.

CrafTangles Decemeber Release 1

CrafTangles Decemeber Release 2

CrafTangles Decemeber Release 3

CrafTangles Decemeber Release 4

 You can buy them here

Part 2 of our release comes with something different, sparkly and unique for our Indian artists
These colors of CrafTangles gilding flakes are perfect to add shiny metallic touches and sparkles to your projects.
For decorative tiny areas or for covering large areas these flakes are
super easy to use and can be combined with multiple mediums to create
various effects and make your design stand out.Combine them with various
mediums like gilding glue, leafing glue, glue, glue pens, stamps , stencils or double sided tape to add shimmer.
These flakes are so thin that they can be stuck on variety of surfaces including wood, glass, paper, canvas, cloth, metal etc.
CrafTagles gilding flakes provides a shiny, smooth, metallic finish and is not edible so cannot be used with food items.
Comes in 120 ml jars and are in many colors.

These gilding flakes are priced economically at 225 Rs and introductory offer of Rs 199 per bottle

CrafTangles Decemeber Release 5

CrafTangles Decemeber Release 6

CrafTangles Decemeber Release 7

CrafTangles Decemeber Release 8

CrafTangles Decemeber Release 9

CrafTangles Decemeber Release 10

CrafTangles Decemeber Release 11

CrafTangles Decemeber Release 12

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CrafTangles fine glitter dust are perfect to add glitter shimmer to
your handmade flowers, cards, mixed media projects or glitter decoupage
These shimmer are super high quality and adds perfect sheen to your projects.
Add customized sparkle look to your project using CrafTangles fine glitter.
Just apply any transparent glue on your project, sprinkle the dust and
tap off the excess, and let your project shine. You can use this to
embellish flowers, add shine to decoupage projects etc.
A pack contains glitter in 60 ml jars and comes in many colors

These fine glitters are priced at Rs 150 per bottle.

CrafTangles Decemeber Release 13

CrafTangles Decemeber Release 14

CrafTangles Decemeber Release 15

CrafTangles Decemeber Release 16

 Buy these glitter

CrafTangles gilding foils are extremely thin and can be used on
variety of surfaces including wood, glass, paper, canvas, cloth, metal
Cover your items, metallic foiling or leafing creates the most
beautiful effect that would enhance your decor. Turn picture frames or
mixed media into glorious sparkled projects.
Each leaf has a tissue
paper in between. CrafTagles gilding leaves provides a shiny, smooth,
metallic finish and is not edible so cannot be used with food items.
in furniture designing, decoupage projects, mixed media projects and
even cardmaking and can be used with variety of glue mediums.
Brush the gilding paste / glue on the object to be gilded.
Place the gilding foil leaf on the object and brush it softly.
Use multiple foils depending on the size and relief of the object.
Polish with a cotton cloth
Use varnish to protect your projects
A pack contains 100 sheets of gilding foils measuring 13 by 14 cm.

These gilding leaves are prices at Rs 799 and buy these at an introductory offer at only Rs 599 per pack of 100 sheets

CrafTangles Decemeber Release 17

CrafTangles Decemeber Release 18

CrafTangles Decemeber Release 19

CrafTangles Decemeber Release 20

CrafTangles Decemeber Release 21

CrafTangles Decemeber Release 22

CrafTangles Decemeber Release 23

CrafTangles Decemeber Release 24

You can buy these

Hope you like our this month’s release, stay tuned for our next release where we have even more cool products lined up for you all 🙂



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