Crafting With CrafTangles Art Sprays & Stencils

Happy Summer!

It’s Shabneez here enjoying a very hot and humid summer in England for a change!  The school summer holidays are in full swing so it’s all go with my boys.

In my latest DT package I got a couple of art sprays and I’ve been having a play with them as they dry almost instantly in the heat – definite plus point when you’re short on time!

For my first make I used both the sprays I received as a background.  I sprayed my card with the colours, left to air dry for a few seconds then stamped an image on top.
I used my zig clean color markers to colour in the border and they worked so well over the sprays.  I then stamped a sentiment and backed it onto black card.  
For my second make I used one of the new stencils from the DT kit and sprayed the yellow ink through it.

I stamped the sunflower over the top as well as the sentiment with memento ink in espresso truffle, so a dark brown shade as opposed to black.  I backed it on to brown cardstock and then on to a 5″ square card.

For my last make, I decided on a tag.  This time I used another new stencil and sprayed the blue ink through it.  Once it dried, I used glitter paste through part of the stencil which gives a beautiful change in colour as well as shimmer.

I fussy cut around parts of the stencil and stuck it to a black tag.  I then stamped, coloured in and fussy cut a mermaid.  I added some pom poms to finish.

So there you have it – a range of makes using art sprays and stencils.  They really do make beautiful backgrounds and are so easy to use.  You don’t have to take my word for it though – have a go!

Enjoy the summer!

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