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Decoupage on Terracotta Pot

Hello Everyone
Arpita here,hope you all are doing fine. I have a Decoupage’d Terracotta Pot to share with you all.

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Decoupage on Terracotta Pot 1

This month’s theme for the challenge is Glitter and Shine. I personally don’t enjoy using glitter so I decided to add a shine element using the beautiful Craftangles reactive foils to my project and they worked so beautifully for this project.

I started with painting the pot with snow white chalky paint. Have given 2coats letting them dry between each coat.

Decoupage on Terracotta Pot 2

Next I cut the squares from the Floral Batik Print Decoupage Paper and stick it using decoupage glue.

Decoupage on Terracotta Pot 3

I stick the double sided glue tape around forming a border around the print.

Decoupage on Terracotta Pot 4

I choose the yellow gold reactive foil for this. Cut a small piece and keep on top of the tacky surface and burnish it well using your fingers. As you see in the picture below haven’t got the proper coverage of the foil,if this happens don’t worry just burnish it over once again and it will stick. The key is to give good and equal pressure. And if you have areas where it is not sticking cause there isn’t enough tackiness,apply a thin coat of foil Magic using a brush and burnish the foil and you will get amazing results. This is what I have done you can see the results in the final pictures.

Decoupage on Terracotta Pot 5

Following the same steps I did the work all around the pot at equal distance . For the top of the pot painted with gold metallic paint, you can also use gold gilding flakes or foil for the same.Finally Sealed it with 2 coats of varnish and it was done.

Decoupage’d Terracotta Pot

Decoupage on Terracotta Pot 6
Decoupage on Terracotta Pot 7

Materials Used

Floral Batik Decoupage Paper
Snow white Chalky Paint
Foil Magic
Reactive Foil
Decoupage Glue
Decoupage Varnish
Gilding Flakes

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Hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial.


Arpita Tornal

Arpita is from Namma Bengaluru and has been crafting for almost 13-14 years now. Her journey began with embroidery and she can work with various art forms like sospeso,mosaic art,resin art.

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