DIY Handpainted Coasters and CrafTangles liquid watercolors demo

Hello Artists,

Khyati here, hope you guys are having a good day today. Recently a lot of you wanted a demo on CrafTangles liquid watercolors so I am super excited to share this video of DIY hand painted coasters which I recently made for my home. Hope you like this process –

So here is the first look at the coasters –


You do have a video above where you can see the process however I thought I will also add some pointers as below –

Whenever you do stamping on something where you have painted be it with any colors or any brands make sure you sand the surface so that you have an even surface to stamp.
Since we are watercoloring on top of chalk paint they absorb the paint and hence you can see that the colors dry very quickly and lighten up fast, however they will behave differently on paper. I will try and make a CrafTangles watercoloring on paper video soon for you all 🙂
You can easily replace the theme of Quirky indian parents coaster and replace it with other floral stamps, ethnic border stamps etc to create different look. Since as you all know I love this stamp I could not resist using this.
How many of you Indian girls have heard this from your parents that you don’t drink chai or you will go dark, well I heard it a lot and that is where this idea bloomed from 🙂

For writing sentiment on coaster you can also first draw straight lines using scale and then write the sentiment that way you can evenly space the sentiment unlike mine which is a bit wavy 😛

While using acrylic sprays make sure you are in well ventilated area, I normally do it in my gallery and not in my room and hence you don’t see the footage of the same 🙂

So here are some more pictures of the coasters –

DIY Handpainted Coasters and CrafTangles liquid watercolors demo 1

DIY Handpainted Coasters and CrafTangles liquid watercolors demo 2

So all the supplies used in this video are as below –

People of India Stamp –
World’s Best Stamp –
Versafine Onyx black inkpad –
CrafTangles Snow White Chalky Paint –
Arora Brushes –
CrafTangles liquid watercolors –
Tubby Acrylic block –
Brush Storage box –
Foldable watercolor palette –
Compac Acrylic spray –
Sakura Pigma Micron Pen –

If you have any queries feel free to comment down below or you can contact me on my social media accounts –
Facebook –
Instagram –

I will soon have some new videos for you, until later 🙂

Happy Crafting,


Khyati Kothari

An artist who loves to dabble with Paper, Paints and textures. The resident dreamer at CrafTangles and HNDMD.

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