Easy Watercolor Pink Sunset using Craftangles Liquid Watercolor

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I am Heena Siddiqui from ArtfeltCreations. In case you have just subscribed I am a watercolor artist and love to paint pretty landscapes but I also love exploring florals, calligraphy sometimes. If you wish to connect I have linked my account at the end.

So are you ready for yet another simple but amazing artwork??
Today we will be painting this beautiful dramatic pink sunset.

Let’s dive into the step by step process on how to paint this beautiful pink sunset.
But first let me tell you what you will need
Watercolor paper – Try Craftangles Coldpressed watercolor papers
Masking tape.
Liquid watercolors in
Lemon Tart
Pretty Peony

Let us begin
Step 1:
Get your colors ready and tape your paper on all sides using masking tape.

Step 2:
Wet your paper with clean water using a big flat brush. Make sure it is just wet and doesn’t have puddles of water everywhere. Wait for around 30- 40 seconds before adding color.
Start with Lemon Tart  and paint a circle. Use color directly without adding water. Then add pretty peony and cover the entire paper. Add water in this one for a soft pink color.

Step 3:
While the paper is still wet, dilute the poolside with little water and start adding it on top, bottom and some random strokes in the middle. I have kept the strokes horizontal and keep blending. This will create a beautiful purple color.

Step 4:
Now mix Pretty Peony and Poolside without much water. Your paper should be damp by this time. Start painting some big clouds.

Step 5:
Now using a small brush (I am using round 2) paint some random small clouds near your big clouds.
You can keep variation in the water paint ratio every time you paint one.

Step 6:
Allow this to completely dry. Then using your small brush (Round 2 in my case) start painting the palm leaves. I have used Eggplant to paint this since it gave me that dark color and I didn’t want to use black color so this was perfect with the color palette used here.

Step 7:
Add till you feel happy. You can choose to add any other element you want like just birds, a tree trunk, or some leaves peeping from the sides. Get creative 🙂

Step 8:
Remove the masking tape once it’s completely dry!!! Yes we are done!!

Hope you had fun and you will give this a try.
The colors used are linked above.
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