Floral Mixed Media Tag (with Pictorial) by Preeti Datta

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Today, I’ve created a Floral Mixed Media Tag- “Look Up to the Sky”. 
There is a Step-by-Step Pictorial of the process. 
I have used mixed media products by CrafTangles including the White Gesso, Texture Paste, Chalky Paints, Acrylic Soft Gel, Glimmer Pastes and Cardstock as well as other products from Hndmd.

Floral Mixed Media Tag

Step-by-Step Pictorial :

1. Took 2 mdf tags and applied CrafTangles White Gesso on them 

2. Applied CrafTangles White Texture Paste through a Stencil onto the 2 tags

3. Adhered the 2 tags together using CrafTangles Acrylic Soft Gel

4. To add colour to the tag, sprayed it with water and then applied CrafTangles Chalky Paints (diluted small quantities of these 3 colours with water to get better movement)

5. Wrapped white cord around the tag (for interest and texture)

6. Created die cuts using floral dies and CrafTangles Cardstock in black & white

7. Applied CrafTangles Glimmer Pastes to the floral die cuts. These add gorgeous glitter to the die cuts & make them extra shiny 

This is how wonderfully shiny & glittery the die cuts look
8. Collected all the elements for layering (including die cuts, chipboards, gauze, quilled flower, sisal, silver net), created a visually pleasing composition by layering them on the tag & adhered the elements using tacky glue 

This is how the composition looks mid-way 

9. Next, to add texture and shine, adhere mega & regular art stones, glass glitter and glitter to the tag using CrafTangles Acrylic Soft Gel

10. Now the finishing touches, used distress inks to add a little subtle colour to the tag & distressed the edges of the tag, added half pearls & word stickers & tied white jute twine to the top of the tag. In the end, splattered the tag with watered down white gesso & dry brushed some of the elements with white gesso as well.

Products Used from the Store:

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