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I am back with yet another beautiful product focus – Reactive Foils, for all of you and this is my personal favourite too because I love shiny and bright things around which makes it beautiful and enhances the overall look

Our Friday Focus for today is none other then Reactive Foils. An extremely versatile, beginner-friendly and unique product which adds a glamourous look to any project and very reasonably priced

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We will be browsing you through our range of foils, these foils are specialized reactive foils which reacts to toner on your printed sheets to give you best foiling results. Because of its versatility and multiple ways in which it can be used, foils are very popular among crafters, cardmakers , scrapbooking artists and mixed media artist.

Reactive Foils Transfer Sheets by CrafTangles

Add fun and creativity to your projects using CrafTangles Reactive Foils. These foils are a perfect medium to add vibrancy and shine to your projects. It’s a versatile product which can be used on various surfaces like paper, canvas, vellum, wood, glass etc depending on the adhesives used.
Add shine and extra oomph to your cards, scrapbook projects or mixed media projects using these foils.
They can be used with a variety of mediums like –
– These foils reacts to the toner of laser printers when passed through laminating machines hence creating a foiled look to your projects
– It can be used with other adhesives like Red Tacky TapeDouble-sided Tearable tapes or Sticky back to create your own masterpieces.

Works well with most of the regular Lamination machines, however, our product is tested with Texet Lamination Machine.

One of our customers has tried with other Texet Laminator Machine and that also works, see video below.

We have also created a printable sheet that you can buy for FREE and print it on your laster printers and create simple and quick cards.

Features & Benefits:
–    6 inch by 120-inch roll. It comes as a single roll so that the length of the sheet is never an issue while creating your project.
– Acid-Free
–   Available in solids, and holographic
–   Crafted with love in India

These also work beautifully with CrafTangles Toner Sheets.

Make sure your sheets are printed using laser printers only with good quality toners so that the foil sticks well to your artwork.

Attaching below a few videos that will help you to understand them better –

Some inspiration using Foils are as shown below

We have a variety of colors available on our website
Friday Focus - Reactive Foils 2
Friday Focus - Reactive Foils 3

CrafTangles Gilding Flakes

These colors of CrafTangles gilding flakes are perfect to add shiny metallic touches and sparkles to your projects.

For decorative tiny areas or for covering large areas these flakes are super easy to use and can be combined with multiple mediums to create various effects and make your design stand out.

Combine them with various mediums like gilding glue, leafing glue, glue, glue pens, stamps , stencils or double sided tape to add shimmer.

These flakes are so thin that they can be stuck on variety of surfaces including wood, glass, paper, canvas, cloth, metal etc.

CrafTangles gilding flakes provides a shiny, smooth, metallic finish and is not edible so cannot be used with food items.

Comes in 120 ml jars and are available in many colors.

Some inspiration using Gilding Flakes are attached below

Friday Focus - Reactive Foils 4
we have a variety of colors available for the same
Friday Focus - Reactive Foils 5

CrafTangles Gilding Foil Leaves

CrafTangles gilding foils are extremely thin and can be used on variety of surfaces including wood, glass, paper, canvas, cloth, metal etc.
Cover your items, metallic foiling or leafing creates the most beautiful effect that would enhance your decor. Turn picture frames or mixed media into glorious sparkled projects.
Each leaf has a tissue paper in between.

CrafTangles gilding leaves provides a shiny, smooth, metallic finish and is not edible so cannot be used with food items.
Popular in furniture designing, decoupage projects, mixed media projects and even cardmaking and can be used with variety of glue mediums.

Brush the gilding paste / glue on the object to be gilded.
Place the gilding foil leaf on the object and brush it softly.
Use multiple foils depending on the size and relief of the object.
Polish with a cotton cloth
Use varnish to protect your projects

A pack contains 100 sheets of gilding foils measuring 13 by 14 cm.

Friday Focus - Reactive Foils 6

Some inspiration using these are shown below

Friday Focus - Reactive Foils 7
Friday Focus - Reactive Foils 8

We have launched 2 kinds of accessories that can be used along with Reactive Foils namely – Foil Magic and Toner sheets. Details of the same are attached below

CrafTangles Foil Magic

CrafTangles Foil Magic is a tacky acrylic medium, it looks milky but dries crystal clear and when dries remains tacky so can be used with stencils, stamps or even free hand with brushes to add foiled accents on your projects. It sticks to Metal, Glass, plastic, chipboard, paper, canvas etc and is permanent once dry.
Once it dries the color of the paste changes from milky to dry indicating now reactive foil or gilding flakes or gilding leaves can be applied on top of it.

It can be used with or without laminator to added gilded or foiled accents to your projects. It can also be used with any of your existing die cutting machine, laminator, iron or even bone folders to add gilding flakes or foils to your projects. It also works as gilding glue.

CrafTangles foil magic is perfect paste for adding foiling to various projects using stencils , stamps with or without laminator. With the help of this paste you get very embossed effect as opposed to regular toner sheets.
Cleans up with soap and water when wet, dries permanent

– Now foil with or without laminator
– Use with stencils or stamps to add foiled accents to projects    
– Fast drying, so keep lid tightly closed. Dries permanent and crystal clear
– Keep away from children
– Do not ingest

CrafTangles Designer Toner Sheets

These designer toner sheets are made on speciality papers which are perfect for lamination. Paper is 210 gsm thick and each pack contains 2 sheets (1 each of design) as shown in the image.

Size – A4

A pack contains 2 A4 designer toner sheets per pack, 1 sheet per design as shown in the image

These are designer toner sheets which work perfectly with CrafTagles Reactive Foil to provide you instant foiled cardstock for any occasions. No more waiting for a foiled patterned paper and these can be used in so many ways including card making, scrapbooking, gift wrapping, paper bunting and a lot more.
They can also be die-cut and then combined with our sticky back to make your own foiled stickers or tags for gifts

Friday Focus - Reactive Foils 9
we have more variety available on our website
Friday Focus - Reactive Foils 10

Some Inspiration using Toner sheets

Friday Focus - Reactive Foils 11
Friday Focus - Reactive Foils 12
We have a free course available on our website for a limited time period on these beautiful pouches

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