Furniture painting with chalk paints

Hi Everyone,
Welcome back, Khyati this side and today I have something different for you all. Today i have a furniture painting tutorial for you all where I share lots of tips and tricks on how to paint furniture the right way. This video was shot a year back however I released it just now as I wanted to see how my furniture coped up with the daily wear and tear and what is the feedback over the year. I share with you all a lot of tips and tricks of chalk paints, varnish and upcycling furniture in general, these things I have learnt over the period of years of my research and a lot of trials and errors. I have been very hones with my feedback on various products and where you should and should NOT try to save money. Again please note all these are my personal opinions and are in no way a generalization of the brand products. You are free to make your own decisions and select the products.

Before we get in to more details, I hope you have participated in our monthly challenge which is Festive Projects

Furniture painting with chalk paints 1

So now on the furniture painting tutorial with a lot of DOs and DONTs –

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found the tips and points I discussed on furniture painting useful and this video inspired you to try something of your own. If you do don’t forget to tag us and use #hndmd #craftangles #khyatikothari I would love to see what you guys made.

Some photos, I am sorry I lost the earlier photos of the freshly made table or I could have shown you the stark difference. But hopefully you can compare the video table with the photos below –

furniture painting
Furniture painting with chalk paints 2

Supplies used in this furniture painting tutorial –

Vinyl Peel and Stick that I used
Amazon Store that has a lot of options
CrafTangles Chalk Paints
(The colour I had used was Vintage Blue and Snow White)
Asian Paints Varnish
Sponge brushes I would recommend
Masking or Paper Tape
Paint brushes, I got it from my local store however I am giving you some online link for some ideas –
Sanding block
Shellac primer
(Unfortunately, I could not find any Indian alternative as of now, may need to do more research with my hardware store, I will update this area if I find anything)
Craft Knife

Other DIY tutorials –

Home Decor Tutorials –

The Gesso video which I spoke about where even after 3 coats the stain came through –

So that were today’s tutorial and sorry If I went overboard with information but I wanted to share with you all some of my learning’s so that you don’t do the same mistakes I did.

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I will join you in my next post till then take care and Happy Crafting.


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