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HNDMD Course – Cardmaking 101 Class

Hello Everyone,
Khyati here and today I wanted to inform you on our cardmaking paid course on HNDMD course website and also to inform you today is the last day of the sale post that the prices of this cardmaking class will increase.

It is called HNDMD Courses and during this lockdown period, we would be sharing some amazing free tutorials that would help take your crafty skills a notch above the rest. Currently, all the classes are free but over time we would be adding free as well as paid classes.

As privileged members of our community, the beta launch is specifically for your guys. It would be opened to other users at a later stage. So feel free explore the website and do share your feedback or bugs with us. We would be happy to assist.

Currently, the Courses website logins are separate from our main website, so you would need to create new/separate account on the Courses website.
So hop on now at

Cardmaking 101 course on sale — last day to avail lockdown discount

cardmaking 101 class

This is going to be a long post, so you are made aware of it 🙂

During the course of this class, we would have a detailed discussion on the basic craft supplies that are used for card making. Which supplies are essentials and you need to invest in and which ones are good to have at best and you can avoid investing in. Remember every penny saved is an additional penny earned.

We would start with simple card making ideas and as we progress through 15 days of class, we would dive deep into complex techniques to the ones that require a bit of science. Once you start understanding the science behind these complex cards, they become a breeze and you become a champion cardmaker. Isn’t that what you want to be?

Together we would explore around 7-8 alternative colouring mediums throughout the course to give you a fair idea which mediums would you want to explore first and which ones later. Some of these mediums are really expensive and you would get an idea whether to invest in them or not and what are more economical alternatives to these colouring mediums.

The card making 101 masterclass has in-depth technique videos on how to stamp perfectly like a professional and answers whether tools help you with that? What are multiple embossing techniques that you can use in your cards, how to do various types of colouring, various die-cutting techniques, how to add layers and depth in cards? If you love stencils, we would explore some ways to use stencils on your cards and understand the logic behind each of these techniques. We would also learn about fussy cutting and whether you need to do it in all the cases and explore alternatives. This and a host of other ideas and ways to create a card that really stands out from the rest.

As an artist, you always want to explore new mediums that work with your existing expertise. So can you use alcohol inks in your cards? yes! Can you use mixed media supplies in card making? Absolutely yes! In card making 101 masterclass, we would explore the endless possibilities that you can get with embossing powders, inks, patterned papers, vellum, transparencies and anything you can think of.

To be honest, I have tried to bring all my learnings and mistakes over the years in these 12 hours and it should be the only masterclass you would need for cardmaking to start creating like a pro. After this masterclass, you would have a complete understanding of bases, mediums, tips and techniques that would help you to create your masterpieces. And that’s not it. If you have any query or question, please ask them in the Question & Answer section of the course and I would be happy to answer those.

I hope you now have a fair bit of an idea on what this course is going to be all about and I will see you in the course 🙂

Last thing, the rates of this course will increase today midnight so if you wish to purchase the course today is your day. You can whatsapp us on our support number if you have more query on the class – 9136556961

Below are the cards you will be making and learn lots of tips, techniques and tricks along the way.

HNDMD Course - Cardmaking 101 Class 1
HNDMD Course - Cardmaking 101 Class 2
HNDMD Course - Cardmaking 101 Class 3
HNDMD Course - Cardmaking 101 Class 4
HNDMD Course - Cardmaking 101 Class 5
HNDMD Course - Cardmaking 101 Class 6
HNDMD Course - Cardmaking 101 Class 7
HNDMD Course - Cardmaking 101 Class 8
HNDMD Course - Cardmaking 101 Class 9
HNDMD Course - Cardmaking 101 Class 10
HNDMD Course - Cardmaking 101 Class 11
HNDMD Course - Cardmaking 101 Class 12
HNDMD Course - Cardmaking 101 Class 13
HNDMD Course - Cardmaking 101 Class 14
HNDMD Course - Cardmaking 101 Class 15
HNDMD Course - Cardmaking 101 Class 16
HNDMD Course - Cardmaking 101 Class 17
HNDMD Course - Cardmaking 101 Class 18

So i hope you will join me in this


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