Introduction to Rust Effect Texture Paste Set by CrafTangles

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Hope you are having a great day today, I wanted to share with you a new product line added under CrafTangles umbrella which is CrafTangles Texture paste sets, these texture paste set consist of 4 jars of paste with different colours and different textures which when combined gives you amazing effects. A set consists of 4 jars and each jar contains 60 ml of paste so for a set you get 240 ml of pastes in various colours.

Currently we have these sets in 2 effects and today I will talk about Rust Paste Effect

So this particular set when applied either from dark to light format or light to dark format it gives you an effect of rust. These pastes are water soluble and can easily be watered down if you want to use it as watercolor effect or to add in minute nook and crannies of the canvas.

My favorite way of applying this consists of below steps –

1) Stick various layers of mixed media elements on canvas using gel medium / glue of your preference.
2) Apply Gessos so that the pastes can be easily be applied on the canvases as your surface would already be primed. For Rust paste effect I prime my surface with Charcoal Gesso by CrafTangles, again you can water down Gesso for it to fill the nook and crannies of your canvas
3) I like to go from dark to light when applying Rust paste on my canvas, so i start with Brown colour in Rust paste and cover my entire canvas with it. Now the brown texture paste is quiet coarse and consist of sand like particles which perfect mimics brown rust like effect.
4) Post that I add red colour to the areas that I want to highlight with red areas, there is no reason to this but please make sure that you DONT cover entire canvas with red colour. The whole idea of any effect is to let various colours show through so you would want certain areas to be brown, certain to be red, certain to be orange and some areas to show yellow colour.
5) Repeat point 4 for orange colour, make sure orange is not always overlapped on Red, so some areas are Red, some are orange and some are orange on Red that ways you get different variation.
6) Yellow colour consists of a huge contrast as compared to Brown so dont overuse Yellow, use it spraingle and add only to places where you need heavy contrasts.
7) You can repeat from point 3 – 6 wherever you feel you need more layering, hope my explanation made sense to you guys 🙂

I will be posting a video soon of the process, still working on my Crafting setup but fingers crossed should be ready soon, meanwhile using the above process here are some small canvases I had made –

Introduction to Rust Effect Texture Paste Set by CrafTangles 1
Introduction to Rust Effect Texture Paste Set by CrafTangles 2

Hope you liked todays post and I inspired you to try something new, until Later

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An artist who loves to dabble with Paper, Paints and textures. The resident dreamer at CrafTangles and HNDMD.

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