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Mixed media Basics – Why use Gesso

Hi Everyone,
Khyati here and I wanted to share a new series with you all where I will be discussing mixed media basics. For those of you who have been following my crafting journey from the start know that mixed media is what got me hooked to crafting in the first place. Over the period of years I have branched out to a lot of art forms simply because I love trying new art and crafts, some are hit and some definitely a miss but I love the whole process of learning new things and bringing something new for my followers.

Having said that I always feel that its the basics that take more time and we have to work hardest on, once we get them right any art form is a breeze. So I thought I will share a new series with you all where I share basics of mixed media, now please do note its going to be on and off videos where as and when I get time I will be making them as these are normally more indepth then my usual youtube process videos. I also want to keep interactive where you guys can also comment on videos / post and let me know which particular product or topic of mixed media do you want to be covered and I will try my best to cover them.

Also before I get in to the actual video and all the details, I hope you are participating in our monthly Challenge on our blog which is Use Stencil / Patterned Paper

Mixed media Basics - Why use Gesso 1
mixed media basics - why gesso

Now coming to my video which is as below –

Supplies used in this mixed media basics video are as below –

CrafTangles White Gesso
(There is also black and clear gesso by CrafTangles)
CrafTangles Art Waxes
(Colour I have used is amethyst)
CrafTangles Art Sprays
CrafTangles Color Mists
Clay moulds
Heating Tool
Tonic Glass Media Mat

Guys do give me a feedback that would you like to see more of these kind of videos or less, I am on fence about this series and I will be monitoring for comments from your end on where you want this series to go and I will work accordingly.

Also for those of you are new to mixed media and don’t know where to start I would suggest you check out Mixed media courses on HNDMD Course Website
On how to create an account, register etc follow our HNDMD Course FAQ page

So that was the post for today guys, I hope were able to learn something new. Until my later post take care and be safe.


Khyati Kothari

An artist who loves to dabble with Paper, Paints and textures. The resident dreamer at CrafTangles and HNDMD.

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