Beautiful Calligraphy Tutorial ‘DREAM COME TRUE’

I hope you are good and mindfully creative! Today I am sharing beautiful ‘Dream Come True’ tutorial with you all. They say “New year, New Beginning”. So let us all work hard towards our dreams and goals. Dreams do come true. So today I made this artwork which will motivate me for the rest of the year.

 Let’s get going with my artwork. This time I made art work using Magic Glue. It was a smooth and satisfying experience working with Watercolors. Do have a look and leave some love.

But before, proceeding further, This month there is a monthly challenge going on as “Dream Come True”, take a look below for the details of our monthly challenge.

Monthly Challenge Jan 2022

Here is the look at ‘Dream Come True’ Calligraphy Tutorial:

Beautiful Calligraphy Tutorial 'DREAM COME TRUE' 1
dream come true

Follow these easy steps and make your own artwork!

  • Firstly, get your hands on the right supplies. I used Craftangles Cardstock for the paper. I also used Craftangles Magic Glue. For the Craftangles Gilding Flakes, I used the shades Rose Gold and  Silver Moonlight.
  • Next up, I created a rough draft of guidelines to follow the lettering.
  • Then , using Magic Glue, I applied a thin layer roughly to the paper.
  • Then, I let it dry completely.
  • Lastly, I pasted the Gilding Flakes to the glued area and dust off the remaining flakes.

That’s it! Your artwork is ready! Easy, right?

Let me know which one was your favorite amongst the three.

Below is the tutorial of making beautiful ‘Dream Come True’ tutorial. Do have a look and leave some love.

Supplies used for this project :

Craftangles Cardstock
Craftangles Gilding Flakes- Rose Gold
Craftangles Gilding Flakes- Silver Moonlight
CrafTangles Foil Magic.

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Hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial.



Kruti Patel

Kruti is currently an Architecture student aspiring to explore different fields of design to edify her creative journey.

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