Upcycled Badge Tutorial Using CrafTangles Products

Happy Weekend!

It’s Shabneez here and I hope you are all enjoying the weekend.  A rather different post from me as there isn’t a single card to be found!  Instead, I decided to try out a number of CrafTangles products that were new to me and I’ve done a step by step tutorial so you too can try something different by upcyling a badge!

Step 1
I had an old badge that I decided to upcycle for a little girl who is mad about pandas.  I first sanded down the badge to prepare it for the next step.  I used a very fine sandpaper.
Step 2
Cover the badge with white gesso and use a paintbrush to create a stippled effect as shown.
Step 3
Once the gesso is dry, add glimmer paste through a stencil.  I chose a stencil that resembled bamboo leaves.
Step 4
While the glimmer paste is drying you can add the lightweight art stones with gesso and leave to dry.
Step 5
Add some of the art wax with your finger, you only need a little bit.  Cover the stones to emphasize their texture as well as some of the bottom of the base so the panda has somewhere to sit!
Step 6
Add the image of your choice.  I printed a free image from the internet on to paper and used deco mache glue on the back of the image as well as the top to seal it and keep it stuck down.  Modge Podge would work just as well or PVA glue mixed with a little water.  Leave to dry.
Step 7
Take some of the Art Spray and with a brush add to the back of the panda to give the background some colour, like the sky.  Leave to dry.
I hope you enjoyed this project and like me, you’ll have a go at using new products in different ways.  You’ll be pleased to know the little girl loved her badge and wore it to school on her birthday!
See you again next month!
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