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Upcycled Decoupage Plastic Bottle

Hello Everyone,
Arpita here, sharing a upcycled Decoupage project today with a video tutorial.

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Have used the very basic techniques, very easy and gives Beautiful results which is easy for anyone who wants to try this beautiful art form. Today want to answer one of the most asked questions by my students and beginers how I choose my background colors. The most easy way or the one that works for me is to include a color or two from the print/image in my background,this helps to bring it all together for me. Hope this tip helps you.

Final Look Of The Upcycled Bottle

Upcycled Decoupage Plastic Bottle 1
Upcycled Decoupage Plastic Bottle 2

Video Link

Materials Used

Eternal love
Decoupage Glue
Decoupage Varnish

Ruby red chalky paint
Moss Green Chalky paint
Vanilla bean chalky paint
Art Alchemy Wax – Vintage Gold
Craftangles Stencil

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Hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial

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Arpita Tornal

Arpita is from Namma Bengaluru and has been crafting for almost 13-14 years now. Her journey began with embroidery and she can work with various art forms like sospeso,mosaic art,resin art.

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