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Various ways to use Gilding flakes

Hi Everyone,
Khyati here and today I have another video for you all where I share various ways to use Gilding Flakes. I share 4 ways in which you can add Gilding flakes to your projects. So without further wait let’s get into the project.

various ways to use Gilding flakes
Various ways to use Gilding flakes 1

So here are the 4 coasters I made and I share 5 ways in which you can add gilding flakes to project using various adhesives. I will talk about them after the video where I share the techniques.

Various ways to use Gilding Flakes video tutorial –

Today I wanted to share 5 ways to add Gilding flakes to the project. I have used 4 different type of adhesives. So let’s get into the details –
1) For this coaster I have stuck wooden alphabets on top of the coaster using decoupage glue and then I have used everyday school glue (fevicol in India) to stick the gilding flakes on top of the coaster. Here I show that using fevicol you can even get gilding flakes into the gaps not just flat surfaces
2) For the second coaster I have again used fevicol however I have masked certain area using just printer paper to create geometric effect on coaster.
3) Another way to add gilding flakes is using CrafTangles sticky back sheets, these are 12by12 inch double-sided adhesive sheets which can be die-cut or used as strips and added on project and then added gilding flakes on top of it. (one of my fav medium for gilding flakes)
4) Another way to add gilding flakes is using Double-sided tape both red tacky tape and white tape. I personally prefer white tape than red tacky tape simply because Red tacky tape adhesive is super strong and even after adding gilding flakes it was still sticky.
5) Another way to add is using Gel Medium, I pass gel medium through the stencil and then add a Leaf on top of it however you can also add gilding flakes and then gently tap it and secure. Once this is done and let it dry naturally and then scrape off excess using a dry brush. Drying will take 15 to 20 mins for CrafTangles Gem medium. (Another favourite medium which gives really cool grunge effects)

Video of various ways to use Gilding flakes in project –

So those were the techniques, I hope you enjoyed today’s video, the links to the products used are as below

MDF Coasters
Black Chalk Paint
Wooden Alphabets
Gilding Flakes
Red Tape
White Tape
Sticky Back
Gel Medium
Decoupage Glue
Glass Media Mat


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