Vintage Decoupaged Chest

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Arpita here,Today I have decoupaged a 3 drawer chest with a vintage look . Also have a step by step pictorial tutorial.

Start by sanding your mdf base,though I did not sand as my base had a very smooth finish but otherwise sanding is necassary as it will help you achieve a neat finish for the final look.

I paint my base with Craftangles Chalk paint Midnight Dreams and Ruby Red.
I have chosen a very beautiful paper Vintage Eseence from the Craftangles Decoupage paper collection.As I wanted the continuation of the print on my drawers I first alligned and taped them on both sides with a msking tape as shown in the picture so this way it stays without movining.
Next step is to glue the paper with a decoupage glue and once the glue is completely dry i seperate the drawers with a paper cutter.If any extra paper i used a sand paper to get rid of it.
*Tip – be pateint and slow while cutting  cause if you try to speed it up you might end up cutting or leaving a blade mark on a part you dont want to .
To add some interest,on the outer box I did some stenciling with Craftangles Paper Texture Paste.As I wanted to colour the texture with Prima Art Alchemy Wax ,i painted the whole with coat of Midnght dreams Chalk paint.Used the  colors Vintage Gold , Lucky Emerald and Fire Ruby Alchemy wax.
Finished it off by sealing the decoupage are with a coat of decoupage glue and once dried with a coat of clear varnish.Lastly added filigree embelishments and huge round beads as legs.
*Tip – Try to finish as much painting as possible before sticking your paper so you avoid getting any  paint on the print.
This is the final look...

Thankyou for stopping by…
Happy Crafting!!!
Arpita Tornal


Arpita Tornal

Arpita is from Namma Bengaluru and has been crafting for almost 13-14 years now. Her journey began with embroidery and she can work with various art forms like sospeso,mosaic art,resin art.

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