Watercolor painting on alcohol ink papers

Hello my friend,

I was truly excited to see the new colors from Craftangles especially the Gold Dust and Silver Moonlight.
Have a look at these new launches

Watercolor painting on alcohol ink papers 1

Have you loved those glittery inks but couldn’t make them for yourself?
What if I tell you these new launches will make that happen for you?
Excited, right!
I have made this video (linked below) showing you how you can mix them to turn you regular liquid watercolors into metallic or glittery and use them for calligraphy.

Watercolor painting on alcohol ink papers 2

But let me help you with some steps here as well.
Add silver moonlight on your palette and then add a drop of any liquid color. Mix them well and check on your paper. If you feel the you need more color, go ahead and mix another drop to it and repeat till you love the mix.
For a golden metallic look, you can add Gold Dust in the same manner.
Sharing this image here to show you the difference.

Watercolor painting on alcohol ink papers 3

The first row is the 3 new colors, below that I have mixed Shooting Star and it gives a subtle milky and glittery feel. After that I have added Silver Moonlight and it changes the regular colors to beautiful metallic colors and then we have the beautiful golden metallic colors made with Gold Dust.

I  have also enjoyed working on an abstract landscape with Moody Mauve and Magical Waters on Alchohol Ink paper. I have always loved the alchohol ink art but wanted to try it with liquid watercolors and I was quite happy with the result.

Watercolor painting on alcohol ink papers 4

So without further ado let’s watch the video on how to create both the artworks and I have linked the products below so you don’t have to go on searching for them 😉

Hope you enjoyed todays tutorial.

Thank you for watching,
Heena – Artfelt Creations


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