Watercolour landscape

Hello everyone,
this is Richa @artistixess, today I’ll be sharing a watercolour landscape in less than ten minutes.  Yes, you heard it right.
Watercolours are such a beautiful medium, one of the most traditional way to paint. I’ve created this painting with colours named Morocon spice, autumn blaze, caffe mocha and red peprika.
Before starting this painting I’ve drawn a silhouette of telephone poles. I’ve used black permanent marker to draw the silhouette , reason being is when you start painting it won’t smudge. I’ve mixed two drops of caffe mocha, one drop of red peprika to paint the trees.Last but not the least I’ve used a smalll size of sponge brush to create the effect of bushes. (A tip to create this effect is always use the edges of sponge brush to get the leaves effect and the brush should be slightly wet). So let’s get started with the painting.
Watercolour landscape 1

Video tutorial for the same –

Watercolour landscape 2
Watercolour landscape 3
Watercolour landscape 4

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Do tag us if you’re recreating this artwork .



Richa Saxena

Know as Artistixess on Instagram, she is a watercolour and Mandala expert and regularly conducts workshops on them.

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