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Beautiful ‘Whispering Waves’ – Alcohol Ink Project

Hey everyone,
Hope you guys are doing well. Here I am back with a new piece of artwork named ‘Whispering Waves‘ ,which is of Ripples technique of Alcohol Ink Art.
But before, proceeding further, take a look below for the details of our monthly challenge

Beautiful 'Whispering Waves' - Alcohol Ink Project 1

The feeling and calmness of the waves are the remedies to the heat of an intense lifestyle. And, the coldness of the waves brings strength and positive energy with the vibe to stand out in the world. Bringing all the things together to fight these mighty challenges we face in the real world. Do have a look and show some love.

Here’s the first look of Whispering Waves :

Whispering Waves
Whispering Waves
Beautiful 'Whispering Waves' - Alcohol Ink Project 2

Here is the process video to enjoy the warmness of the colours.

Art Supplies for the project :

  1. CrafTangles Alcohol Inks (20 ml) – Ballet Slippers
  2. CrafTangles Alcohol Inks (20 ml) – Cobalt Blue
  3. CrafTangles Alcohol Inks (20 ml) – Vibrant Violet
  4. Hair dryer (1000W).
  5. CrafTangles alcohol ink papers.

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Hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial. Do comment below to share your feedback.

Thank you

Savita Khaneja
( StudioBySavi )

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Savita Khaneja

Savita loves the actual blending of colours. She does work with Acrylic, Resin Art Mediums and but she finds working with this unique medium of Alcohol Inks is just another level of meditation.

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