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Hello Everyone,

Have you always wanted to learn a decoupage art form and did not know where to start. Well we are super excited to launch this Basic decoupage course where you learn in depth about decoupage and at the same time learn how you can make a stunning one of a kind hand made piece for your home or your loved ones. Decoupage is an amazing art form which is all about imagination and you can litreally use old bottles, junk or raw bases and make one of a kind art piece which can adorn a home and make it more beautiful. This art form is so unique and customizable that by changing certain aspects of your project it can fit asthetic of any home or person be it a minimalist or a shabby chic lover or opulence home decor.

What would you learn in Basic Decoupage Course?

This course is going to be divided in 5 parts where we teach you not only how to convert a basic raw MDF piece to this stunning home decor piece. Even before doing that as with our other courses we deep dive in to what is decoupage.
This course contains a video called Beginners guide to Decoupage which is almost an hour long video where we discuss everything you need to know about Decoupage supplies. Consider it a crash course on what all you need if you start decoupage and more so where to invest your hard earned money in.

We discuss quiet a few things like –
1) What are the different kinds of Decoupage supplies?
2) What are the different kind of Decoupage bases?
3) How to select which paper to use on what decoupage bases?
4) What are the different paints that you can use in decoupage?
5) How to apply paints and varnishes on your projects?

Apart from this there is also a video where we share all the supplies used and if you wish you can purchase the kit which contains these supplies so that you can make the project along side us. If not you still gain complete end to end knowledge and post this course you will have enough information on how to make your own decoupage project.

The complete course is divided in 5 videos and discusses various basic decoupage information and the course spans over almost 2 hours 30 minutes of edited content.

During this course, we will have a detailed discussion on what are the basics supplies that you for decoupage. Where should you as an artist should invest and how to start off with building your decoupage supplies. I bring in the knowledge of my 12+ years of art and craft to the course.

What if I am new to Decoupage?

Well as the name suggest its a Basic Decoupage course so if you are new to Decoupage then this is the place to be as we start with the correct information on Decoupage and how to learn the art of Decoupage the right way. With this course you will have enough knowledge to make your own decoupage projects.

As an beginner artist you always would want to learn new things and there is nothing you cannot if you put mind to it, that is our motto at HNDMD and this course is going to teach you how.
I’ll see you in the course. In case you have any questions feel free to ask them in the Q&A section once you enrol the course. You can also reach out to me on my Facebook page or Instagram.

In case you wish to check out the tips and tricks on cardmaking, do check out my card making 101 masterclass.
Also, there is another course called Stencil 101 Masterclass where I teach you lots and lots of techniques using Stencils.

What Will I Learn?

  • Beginner Friendly.
  • Ask Questions.
  • In this course, we will not only be learning how to make your own Tray and Coaster set but also we will be talking about supplies that are normally used what are different options available in market etc.
  • In-depth discussion on what is decoupage, various supplies involved.
  • Step by step involved discussion while transforming raw MDF base to the beautiful decor.
  • Use materials available with you.
  • Always available and learn at your own pace.

Topics for this course

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Lets talk Supplies

Lets do some Decoupage


So that was the course for today hope you enjoyed and you learnt something. If at any point of time you have any query please feel free to ask me a question from Q and A section of the course page (The one from where you clicked Enroll Now). The questions are private between you and me so please dont hesitate to ask any query and I would be happy to help. Please do review the course at the end I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions and also do let us know what you would like to see next. Do keep creating and sharing kindness, Lots of love, Khyati

About the instructor

Hello fellow artist,I am Khyati, the face behind a lot of tutorials on HNDMD course. I started crafting back in 2008 and I have more than 11 years of experience in arts and crafts. Mixed media was something with which I started this journey and over the period of years, I have expanded my expertise to many other art forms, including cardmaking, DIY home decor, scrapbooking, decoupage, fusion crafts etc.
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DIY Basic Decoupage Course
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Material Includes

  • List of items used in the class
  • Step by Step Instructional Video
  • Lifetime access to class


  • Various basic art and craft supplies
  • If you don't have supplies, see my video on basic supplies and the related Basic Decoupage Kit that you can purchase and create alongside me.

Target Audience

  • Artists
  • Beginner Crafters
  • Teachers
  • Decoupage Enthusiasts