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How to record Craft Videos – The DIY Way


HI Everyone,
Khyati here and I am back with another craft video on how I record craft videos, edit my videos and all the secrets that go in between 😀
Since the time I have started adding youtube Videos continuously a year or two back a lot of you had asked me about my setup and I had been replying to you all separately with pictures, product links etc. However I thought I will put everything in one place so you can check it out and this links will be available lifetime so you can see it whenever you wish.

So without further lets dive in the to the video where I reveal all my video and technical secrets on which Camera I use, my light setup , my craft corner, my tripod, the editing software’s I use etc 😀

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How to record Craft Videos – The DIY Way

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Hello fellow artist, I am Khyati, the face behind a lot of tutorials on HNDMD course. I started crafting back in 2008 and I have more than 11 years of experience in arts and crafts. Mixed media was something with which I started this journey and over the period of years, I have expanded my expertise to many other art forms, including cardmaking, DIY home decor, scrapbooking, decoupage, fusion crafts etc.
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This was really amazing. I loved the info and tricks you shared with us, and that too for free. Really appreciate this! :)

Thank you so much for sharing your secrets of recording I really like how you explain the lighting things, love your small happy Craft room, this video is so helpful looking forward to watch such more videos 😊

Thank you for an amazing and informative video Khyati. It helped to understand my tripod much better now. And also thanks for covering the lighting and software aspect🤗

This is so amazing Khyati, words can describe how easy you have made my life and how to make videos 🤪 firstly, u look beautiful as ever, this was a power packed knowledgeable video, totally in love with it. Loved the information you shared and was so generous to give us all the insights. Looking forward for more amazing videos

Khyati thank you so much for the course... It's like a go to video... I was so confused which product to pick,which software to use, how to setup light... This has solved every query of mine.... Now I'm more confident on filming videos... Thank you so much once again.

This is an Awesome course and very helpful for beginners Khyati ! I loved how you have your own diys , specially for lights. Proper lighting is very essential and as you said one cannot depend completely on natural light. Loved the use of vellum for diffused light.Thanks a lot for sharing various tricks for creating a video :)

Thanks for this amazing tutorial Khyati 😍 I'm not into shooting videos currently, but will refer back to this whenever I do so 😊 Lots of love 🥰💕

Awesome video....loved the way you explained all the details regarding shooting...what aaps to use...this is very helpful for all those who wants to do videos but doesn't know the right way nor the appropriate things to purchase for it...

Hi Khyati,
Its a very informative video. Many people have asked me to take online classes, or just put DIY videos but I was always in a fix as to where to start from...Even got my tripod but there was a small hiccup as to how to start..the lighting,editing softwares etc but your easy and as well as practical idea about inexpensive lighting n setup is a great help. Thanx for taking time out and sharing the knowledge.

This video is so amazing. Though I have a functional set up for shooting videos (which is pretty different), I loved the idea of putting the led in a Tupperware box 😍 soooo amazing. I will definitely try adding another source of light to my videos using this idea 💙

Totally deserves a five star rating. Thank you so much Khyati ji for this amazing tutorial, you've made work easier for a lot of us. Sharing your knowledge, and without charging for it, not many of us can do that. Thank you for it. I've tried recording videos, and there is always some glitch, but now I see a different angle that I can place my tripod with. Thanks a ton for this, I'll definitely recommend to everyone, and I'm definitely going to try this out ASAP.

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