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Stencil 101 – A complete masterclass


Do you want to create amazing handmade goodies? Well, I believe everybody can make beautiful and jaw-dropping projects. All you need is to learn the basics of the supplies you have and how and when to use them correctly to create awesome projects. The Stencil 101 – Complete masterclass is one such course where you will learn 20+ techniques using stencils.

The stencil is one of the most economical and versatile product for crafters and artists. Because it is so easily available in any country whether it is here in India or across markets globally, it is one of the most coveted product for any crafter. Ease of availability, varied range of designs and the out of box use are few of the reasons why it is so important to learn all you can about stencils.

stencil 101

What would you learn in Stencil 101 – Complete Masterclass?

During this course, we will have a detailed discussion on what are the basics supplies that you need along with stencils. Where should you as an artist invest in stencils and how to select a particular design. I will be sharing many brands of stencils that I own, and where should have I as an artist invested had I known better. But my loss is your gain, I bring in the knowledge of my 12+ years of using stencils to the course.

This class is going to have a total of 22 videos where I walk you through various techniques using Stencils.

There is going to be a lesson where I show you my stencil collection, I talk about what are the various brands that make stencils (both Indian and International) and where should you invest money. I also talk about how you maintain your stencils and how to take care of them.

Post that I take you through 21 techniques (20 + 1 bonus one) which you will be learning as we proceed through each of the 21 lessons. Along with that at the end of each video lesson, we will also be making one or more projects so that you can see how these backgrounds once created can be used in actual projects.

These techniques would have stencils being used with a variety of mediums. I talk about how stencils can be used with various substrates and you are not just restricted to using it on Papers, Journals etc.

In this Stencil 101 – Complete Masterclass course, we would start with simple stencil techniques that you can follow along and then move on to more complex ones throughout the course. This course is divided into 20 techniques + 1 bonus technique + 1 supply discussion so that each and every technique and basics details are covered in depth.

What if I am new to Stencils?

If you are new to stencils then that’s even better because with this course now you have the right amount of knowledge and guidance on where you want to go ahead and how you want to explore stencils. After learning this course you will also have ample knowledge about where you should be investing your hard-earned money.

As an artist, you always want to explore new mediums that work with your existing expertise, so can you use your pastes, paints, watercolours, papers etc with stencils? You absolutely can!!! and this course is going to teach you how!

I’ll see you in the course. In case you have any questions feel free to ask them in the Q&A section once you enrol the course. You can also reach out to me on my Facebook page or Instagram.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Beginner Friendly
  • Ask Questions
  • How to use Stencils - From beginner-friendly to expert classes
  • How is this course different - Guide on how to use the stencils to create the background, we will be creating end projects using them and not just leaving the background as is.
  • Discussion on various stencils from international to Indian brands and in-depth demos on the same so you can decide where you want to invest your money.
  • Use materials available with you
  • Step by Step Instructions
  • Always available and learn at your own pace

Topics for this course

47 Lessons12h 30m


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Course Introduction
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About the instructor

Hello fellow artist, I am Khyati, the face behind a lot of tutorials on HNDMD course. I started crafting back in 2008 and I have more than 11 years of experience in arts and crafts. Mixed media was something with which I started this journey and over the period of years, I have expanded my expertise to many other art forms, including cardmaking, DIY home decor, scrapbooking, decoupage, fusion crafts etc.
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Material Includes

  • List of items used in the class
  • Step by Step Instructional Video
  • Lifetime access to class


  • Die-cutting machine and basic dies needed
  • Any stencils that you already have
  • Various basic art and craft supplies
  • If you don't have supplies, see my video on basic supplies and then invest only in items where needed

Target Audience

  • Artists
  • Beginner Crafters
  • Teachers
  • Cardmakers