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CrafTangles Epoxy Art Resin Ultra Clear - 375 gm (Resin and Hardener)

-15% CrafTangles Epoxy Art Resin Ultra Clear - 375 gm (Resin and Hardener)

Resin is a material used for mould making, boxes, tables, and jewellery-making purposes. This particular product consists of two parts A & B which need to be mixed in a 2:1 ratio and then used.

Quantity - Part A 250 gm (Resin) and Part B 125 gm (Hardener) (total set of 375 gms)

This Epoxy Ultra Clear Art Resin dries to a crystal-clear casting. It remains crystal clear and is resistant to yellowing. To ensure a better self-level effect, just complete the stirring in 3-4 minutes and pour it into the moulds as soon as possible.

Auto bubble Release and hence makes very few to no bubbles

Water-resistant and Self-leveling

This resin is strong, transparent, and is UV resistant which ensures long-lasting results. It will create a beautiful, high-gloss, clear and durable finish.

High colour stability and Stain-resistant

It has a pot life of 30 - 40 minutes once mixed and is dry to surface touch in 3 to 4 hours. It is completely cured in 1 to 2 days depending on the depth of the pour.

It has super flexibility and adhesion

This crystal-clear resin can be used for all surface applications such as casting, coating, and art projects including cutting boards, coasters, countertops, bar top, resin Art, jewelry making, coating artwork, and acrylic pour paintings, moulds, and river tables

Works well in approximate temperatures of 30 degrees.

This epoxy resin formula is non-toxic which makes it safe to use. It does not contain any VOCs and solvents. It is odourless, non-flammable, and non-hazardous. As this solution comes with a 2:1 ratio, just mix two-part resin to one-part hardener and then you'll have 30 - 40 minutes of work time at room temperature to create your best artwork!

For a complete guide on usage and safety follow the instructions on bottles.

Proudly made in India.

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