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CrafTangles Liquid Glaze (100 ml)

CrafTangles Liquid Glaze (100 ml)

CrafTangles Liquid Glaze is an acrylic medium formulated to mix with colours for paint pours or to be used as a resin finish. It dries very hard and clear with an extremely high gloss finish.

It has an open time of 30 to 45 minutes, depending on environmental conditions, and dries with excellent film clarity.
It dries to a very glossy and smooth finish.
An ambient temperature of 25 degrees is needed for it to cure.

Don't pour more than 1/4 inch of the layer in the thickness and let the first layer completely dry before you add another layer.

Drying time for the layer in thickness suggested in 6 to 8 hours minimum. Curing time for complete hardening is 5 to 10 days.

Cannot be used with moulds or as a casting medium.

Basic precautions like gloves, goggles and mask are advised.

Can be used as a pouring medium, as a topcoat to your paintings, for mosaic decoupage, also a great alternative to resin for the finish.
To be used as a pouring medium it can be easily combined with CrafTangles chalk paints or Camel Acrylic paints for tinting. Maximum 10% of paint and1-2% of pigment in the ratio while tinting. You can add some water to make the pouring medium flow easily, don't add more than 10 - 15% water.

With alcohol inks, you need to add one layer of sealer and then use liquid glaze on top for that glass-like finish. With fluid acrylic inks and acrylic inks or acrylic paints no sealer necessary you can directly add a layer of glaze as the top coat to get that glass-like effect. For more information check out this post by Neha Bhatt on our blog

- Keep away from children
- Do not ingest

Quantity - 100 ml

Proudly Made in India

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