Alcohol Ink Demonstration

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I am here with a review of recently launched alcohol inks by crafTangles. They have released 15 gorgeous colors and 3 metallics and a white.  

Alcohol Ink Demonstration 1
Alcohol ink
Alcohol Ink Demonstration 2
Alcohol Ink Demonstration 3
Alcohol ink

Inks are very vibrant and highly pigmented so much so that I recommend diluting it for lighter application instead of using it directly from the bottle. High pigment load gives you ease to create layers. It is very balanced colour palate too. Love the metallics too specially the silver. I did not have a luck with copper though. I found it little chunkier and hard to work with. 

I enjoyed a lot playing with inks but as there is lots of moisture in the air, it is difficult to tame the inks. Moisture will give different texture to it when they dry but we can always enjoy the unpredictable nature of it.  

Let’s jump to the alcohol ink projects:

Alcohol ink
Alcohol Ink Demonstration 4

  It is a 10-inch circle of synthetic paper. Creating abstract landscape with alcohol inks is my favorite thing. I have used ballet slippers and lemon tart inks for sky. Mountains are made using mystic waters and ballet slippers. See how you can create numerous colors by mixing inks. Please experiment and try to create different shades.
It is pure fun, and you can stretch your inks too. Water is different shades of blue. I have used just a round brush to guide the inks. 

Next is another abstract. Here, I tried to use the presence of moisture to my advantage. The grainy texture is because of water content in the air. Check the golden metallic. Simply gorgeous. The eggplant color is mixture of mystic water and ballet slipper shades. 

Alcohol Ink Demonstration 5
Alcohol Ink Demonstration 6

Next is just to highlight the super pigmented silver metallic.  

Alcohol Ink Demonstration 7
Alcohol Ink Demonstration 8

The carbon black is very rich black, and it doesn’t split in to different colors. Silver metallic is heavily pigmented. I have used just a drop of it here.  

Next two projects are created on black synthetic paper.  

Alcohol Ink Demonstration 9
Alcohol Ink Demonstration 10
Alcohol Ink Demonstration 11

 I have never used black paper or white ink before. I tried to use both in this project. I was thrilled with the results. Using white on black gives lots of opportunities for layering.

White provides opacity to transparent inks. 
Check the details to see how interesting it is. I am still going to work on this. May be add a leaf or so. 

Next are bookmarks. I still have to add some quotes on it but couldn’t resist to share the drama created by white ink with transparent alcohol inks on black. Don’t forget to seal your metallics to prevent rub off. 

Alcohol Ink Demonstration 12

Next are few cards. 

Alcohol Ink Demonstration 13

I have used just few drops of grey and brown inks, some isopropyl alcohol and little stamping.  

Alcohol Ink Demonstration 14
Alcohol Ink Demonstration 15

Underwater background is created by applying quite saturated coat of inks and then removing most of it with bending solution.  

Alcohol Ink Demonstration 16
Alcohol Ink Demonstration 17

Here I just allowed inks and lots of blending solution to air dry without moving or stirring it. Again, moisture plays a major role in creating those textures. It is mesmerising to see it dry.  

Alcohol Ink Demonstration 18
Alcohol Ink Demonstration 19

Here I created a panel with black, ballet slipper and silver inks. I die cut it and used the words for the card. Pictures doesn’t do justice to the amazing effect created by silver. It is very chic. 

Alcohol Ink Demonstration 20
Alcohol Ink Demonstration 21
Alcohol Ink Demonstration 22

I took a glass bottle, painted inside with white acrylic and applied alcohol inks with a sponge and a brush.  

I am really pleased with the quality of inks. I hope you will give it a try. If you are new to alcohol inks, I would suggest going for these inks as they are very affordable. And if you are experienced user, you will value them even more after the use. 

Supplies Used For Projects :
CrafTangles Alcohol Inks.
CrafTangles alcohol ink papers.

Thank you Khyati for giving me a chance to play with these beauties. 

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