Beautiful ‘Sea-Coast’ Watercolour Painting

Today we have Upasona sharing a beautiful watercolour painting of ‘Sea-Coast‘ with us. I hope you and your family are in the best of health. Do have a look and leave some love.
But before, proceeding further, take a look below for the details of our monthly challenge.

Monthly Challenge - Dec 2021

Here is the glimpse of the beautiful watercolour painting of ‘Sea-Coast‘:

Beautiful 'Sea-Coast' Watercolour Painting 1
Beautiful 'Sea-Coast' Watercolour Painting 2

Below is the tutorial of this beautiful watercolour painting ‘Sea-Coast‘ , Do have a look and leave some love.

Supplies used for this project:

CrafTangles liquid watercolours.
CrafTangles round handmade watercolour paper 100% cotton.

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Monalisa Dutta

Known as 'Lisa's FairyCraft' in Social Media. She loves to play with colours and textures while creating mixed media art. She is an avid altered art enthusiast and loves to experiment with styles

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