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‘Celebrate India’ Calligraphy Artwork

Hello everyone,
I am Disha from the_crazy_craft_lover . This is a special month as we celebrate 75 years of India’s Independence. the calligraphy artworks today derive inspiration from the same. But before, proceeding further, take a look below for the details of our monthly challenge.

'Celebrate India' Calligraphy Artwork 1

We are so blessed to be living in free India. As a citizen, born in free India, I can never forget the sacrifices made by our country men. And as Independence day approaches , the gratitude I feel is immense.
My artworks today are inspired by my love for patriotic songs and also by the fact that caste, creed, class or status doesn’t affect our love for our country.

Here is a glimpse of my artworks. I wanted to create a spotify screen artwork with my favourite patriotic music. I have used the liquid watercolours with my glass pen for lettering and drawing the buttons and the lines. No markers were used in the making of this artwork.

Calligraphy Artwork

For the second artwork I popped open the bottle of liquid watercolour and used my oblique holder to dip it and write my sentiments. You can use the Watercolours as inks too for practice.

Calligraphy Artwork
Calligraphy Artwork

I even have a detailed video tutorial on ‘Celebrate India’ calligraphy artworks. Check it out here:

Supplies used :
Watercolour paper cold Pressed
Liquid Watercolours 
Paint Brush 
Wendy Vechhi Make Art Station
Washi Tape
Glass pen
Nikko G nib
Oblique holder

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I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
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Till then, Keep Creating and Stay Safe.


Disha Lohiya

While she loves doing brush calliraphy, she actually started her creative journey with crochet and quilling. Other than Brush Calligraphy, she has learnt and practices traditional scripts like Copperplate and Spencerian script.

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