CrafTangles Design Team 2021-2022 Reveal

Hello Everyone,

Khyati here and I am super excited to reveal our design team for this year. However, before I do that I want to thank each and every one of you who had applied, with every passing year it’s becoming really tough to choose the team and it speaks for your creativity and talent, so kudos to you all

Without further wait, I am presenting you with 12 talented ladies who will be sharing their knowledge of various art forms with us and will keep us inspiring throughout the upcoming year. I am hoping you all will give them love and support throughout this journey let us as artists make them feel welcome and create a harmonious community.

CrafTangles 2021 – 2022 Design Team

Anamika Sarkar

CrafTangles Design Team 2021-2022 Reveal 1

Anamika has done her Masters in Museology and was a full-time teacher working in a reputed school. About 6 years ago she had to leave my job because her son was small and that’s when she found her actual passion and love for art and craft. Her crafty journey started from then and there wasn’t any looking back thereafter. At present, she is a full-time crafter and artist. Her forte is Resin art, Decoupage, mixed media art, palette knife painting n mural art.
Her motto…. follow your passion and you’ll attain your dreams soon.

Archisha Mukherjee

CrafTangles Design Team 2021-2022 Reveal 2

Archisha is a keen observer of all forms of art and truly believes in the magic of handmade creations and it’s the power to make people feel special. Her brand Kenchi School (Kenchi meaning scissors in Hindi) perfectly encapsulates her philosophy.
Aside from crafting, she has a variety of other interests like making travel videos, dancing, watching documentaries/animation movies, lending her voice to cartoon shows and being a true Potterhead.
She is an electronics and telecommunication engineer from Mumbai (India), a full-time software engineer by day and a part-time crafter by night (sometimes vice versa).

Dhruvika Raj

CrafTangles Design Team 2021-2022 Reveal 3

Dhruvika is a stamping and colouring enthusiast. She loves to create cards and believes that handmade cards are precious in this digital world. Every card always has a part of the heart and time of the sender and the power to trigger beautiful memories. Her love for card making began in 2019 and is an attempt to spread happiness. While she is not crafting, she trains herself for marathons or explores the world.

Jane Mercy Doss

CrafTangles Design Team 2021-2022 Reveal 4

Jane had started to paint ever since she was a kid but her IG art journey started two years back and it has been amazing by God’s grace! She is grateful for her followers always 🙂

Kruti Patel

CrafTangles Design Team 2021-2022 Reveal 5

Kruti is currently an Architecture student aspiring to explore different fields of design to edify my creative journey.

Monalisa Dutta

CrafTangles Design Team 2021-2022 Reveal 6

Known as ‘Lisa’s FairyCraft’ on Social Media. She loves to play with colours and textures while creating mixed media art. She is an avid altered art enthusiast and loves to experiment with styles.

Parvathi Tripathi

CrafTangles Design Team 2021-2022 Reveal 7

A happy-go-lucky person who loves to play around with different mediums, techniques, textures and styles. She is a passionate Mixed Media artist who never shy away from learning. Known by the name “Paro’s Kraftology” on social media platforms.

Richa Saxena

CrafTangles Design Team 2021-2022 Reveal 8

Richa @artistixess, a watercolour and mandala artist based in Ahmedabad. She started her journey four years back with mandalas, and started painting with watercolours too, and since then there’s no looking back. She also does like to mix different concepts in her compositions be it Watercolor, gouache or acrylic.

Savita Khaneja

CrafTangles Design Team 2021-2022 Reveal 9

Savita Khaneja from StudioBySavi™ 😊
She is a self-crafted artist driven by passion who belongs to Delhi and am a Software Developer. She was always surrounded by codes and technologies but still, she still felt something was missing in her life and it was colours and their beautiful blends. So, she picked up those computer graphics and technologies from the screen to real-life canvas which actually turned into big motivation as that brings peace to her soul.

So here on Studiobysavi™ 😊 she loves actual blending of colours ❤️💖✨ she does work with Acrylic, Resin Art Mediums and but working with this unique medium of Inks Alcohol Inks is just another level of meditation. The way inks react and flow is fantabulous. She is in love with this medium and started her dream studio “StudioBySavi” professionally.

As the line says, the beauty lies in the eyes and hands of an artist. Some people have a predefined roadmap and some have a passion to convert their imagination into colours.

Simran Mirwani

CrafTangles Design Team 2021-2022 Reveal 10

Simran is a watercolour and a gouache artist based in Pune, India. Most of her works are inspired by nature. She feels where words cannot express, there, Art always finds a way. Art has always helped her to increase my focus, creative thinking ability and has somewhere also become a stress buster. So, come join her in this creative journey and paint along.


CrafTangles Design Team 2021-2022 Reveal 11

Tara’s art style reflects her desire to imitate nature in her works, and she also dabbles a bit in journaling. She promises to take you to a magical world with each painting.

Upasona Paul

CrafTangles Design Team 2021-2022 Reveal 12

Upasona is from Assam. Currently, she is a student, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Zoology.
Art has been her passion since childhood. It gives her mental and inner peace. Her journey of painting and posting on Instagram started only in September 2020, when someone close to her encouraged her to follow her passion. She was amazed at the response received on social media, and she decided there and then to dedicate herself to art part-time, and has never looked back!

The complete Team

2021-2022 design team
CrafTangles Design Team 2021-2022 Reveal 13

So these lovely ladies will be inspiring for you all this upcoming year and we hope you really enjoy their process and the artwork they bring to you.

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An artist who loves to dabble with Paper, Paints and textures. The resident dreamer at CrafTangles and HNDMD.

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