Decoupage Key Chains

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Arpita here,Today’s post concentrates on basics of  Decoupage.”What is Decoupage?” I have been asked this a couple of times so I thougt of answering this question in this post.
Decoupage is a techinique of gluing down the paper on to surface combining with various painting techniques and make it look as part of the surface,make it look like a print.
Next “On What bases you can decoupage?” Wood,Glass,Metal,Leather,Fabric on almost all kinds of base.
Next question is is” What kind of papers you can use? “All kinds of papers  Tissues,Rice paper,Decoupage speciality papers,Pattern Papers,Magazine papers,Normal printer papers and even fabric can be used ,only thing to keep in mind is the colors in the print do not bleed when in contact with the glue.I am sharing a video tutorial where i have used five different papers to decoupage and made these lovely KeyChains…
Decoupage Key Chains 1

Decoupage Key Chains 2
Decoupage Key Chains 3
Decoupage Key Chains 4
Decoupage Key Chains 5
Decoupage Key Chains 6

Products Used

Chalk Paints –  Snow White
                               Midnight Dreams
                            Orange Squash
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Arpita Tornal

Arpita Tornal

Arpita is from Namma Bengaluru and has been crafting for almost 13-14 years now. Her journey began with embroidery and she can work with various art forms like sospeso,mosaic art,resin art.

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