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DIY Passport Cover


Hello to everyone from Singapore!

Its me Kirti Gupta from Kirtis Kraft Kastle. I am here with new DIY passport cover Post for my Design team in Craftangles. Today i sharing these upcycled decoupage Passport Covers using Everyday Places decoupage sheets from Craftangles.
A little background for this. I live in Singapore and weather here is Hot & Humid, so mould is very common problem here. we had these leather passport covers which caught in Some mold and i was about to trash them, when I realised, I am an artist and I have a magic wand.

Decoupage won’t only add beauty to these covers but will also protect them from mold in long term, so here is my take on refurbished PAssport covers.

DIY Passport Cover – Project Photos

Lets have a closer look of this Project.

DIY Passport Cover
DIY Passport Cover 1
DIY Passport Cover 2


I have made a detailed tutorial for you guys explaining which type of gesso to be used for leather Surfaces.

Supplies used

Craftangles Decoupage Papers- Evereyday Places 2

Craftangles decoupage glue

Craftangles mixed media gesso

Craftangles Chalky Paint (Snow White)

Craftangles decoupage varnish

Craftangles Chalky paint (cool JAde)


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Kirti Gupta

Kirti Gupta

Crafting is a lot like baking in that it takes time, patience, and a bit of creativity. I was lucky enough to inherit these skills from my mother, and I decided to pursue them further after quitting my job as a lecturer of law 7 years ago. I'm much happier now that I can focus on the things that bring me joy, like crafting.

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