Precious friend

A quick post to celebrate friendship day!
I made this quick card today to celebrate this special day dedicated to all my precious friends!

Precious friend 1

To make this card, I applied some distress inks to my craft sheet and sprayed some water on them.
When they were diluted and watery, I took a piece of card stock and placed it lightly on the ink and removed it almost immediately.
I repeated this process to make many background pieces of card stock.
A little ink goes a long way!!!
I then stamped  the gem stone motifs and the sentiment and added some sparkly gemstones. I placed the card stock on a kraft card to finish the card.
A quick and easy card…easy to make multiples!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
I hope you had a great friendship day!
Paru Mahtani


Paru Mahtani

Based out of Mumbai, India, she is a stay at home mom, a passionate card maker and a photography enthusiast who regularly showcases her work at Kala Ghoda Art Festival in Mumbai

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