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Types of Texture Paste Mixed Media Basics Ep 6

Hi Everybody,

Khyati here and today we will be talking about all things Texture Pastes. As an artist whenever we start a new art it is really important to learn the basics and that is what my Series – “Mixed Media Basics” is all about and today I am super excited to bring you another episode in it.

But before we get started I would highly recommend you check out Episode 1 – 5 here if you have not

Episode 1 – 5 Mixed Media Basics

Now that you are equipped with the basics let’s move on to today’s video which is about different types of Texture Pastes. At the end of the post I have shared the basic properties of each and every texture paste so be sure to read the post till the end 🙂

Different Types of Texture pastes and their uses – Mixed media Basics Ep. 6

Yes, this video is a bit long but I have kept it as concise and small as I could but still give our maximum information. So those were the different types of texture pastes, their properties and when you can use which paste.

The whole idea of this video is to introduce you to the world of texture pastes however feel free to do your own experiments, I am in no way an expert what I say in the video is my personal experience over the period of years with the experiments of my own in the world of Art.
I feel the best way to learn is to do it yourself and learn by making mistakes 🙂

Supplies I talk about in the video

CrafTangles Clear Texture Paste
CrafTangles White Texture Paste
CrafTangles Black / Charcoal Texture Paste
CrafTangles Gold Texture Paste
CrafTangles Sand Texture Paste
CrafTangles Rough Texture Paste
CrafTangles Paper Texture Paste
CrafTangles Asphalt Texture Paste
CrafTangles cartridge paper

Tools used –
Palette Knives/ Spatula
Tonic Glass Media Mat
Heating Tool
Finnabair Silicone Brush

Some Closeups of the texture samples we created and their summaries –

CrafTangles Charocal Texture Paste – The darker cousin of your regular white texture paste. Perfect to add texture and dimension along with black colour to your project. Semi-Gloss

CrafTangles Asphalt Texture Paste – Heavily Grained, mimics the texture of asphalt used in the pavement of the road. Black in colour when dry. Semi-Gloss

Types of Texture Paste Mixed Media Basics Ep 6 1

CrafTangles Clear Texture Paste – Dries semi-clear and semi-gloss as shown in the image on darker cardstock. Since it’s clear in colour can be combined with various kinds of pigments and can be tinted and used to add texture to your projects and paintings.

Types of Texture Paste Mixed Media Basics Ep 6 2

CrafTangles Cement Texture Paste – Slightly grainy, mimics the effect of cement or concrete on your projects. When dry it’s grey in colour like dried cement, perfect for adding texture and dimension to your project.

Types of Texture Paste Mixed Media Basics Ep 6 3

CrafTangles Gold Texture Paste – Perfect for adding shiny touches and textures to your projects. When dry it is extremely shiny and gives golden touches to your projects along with textures.

Types of Texture Paste Mixed Media Basics Ep 6 4

CrafTangles Paper Texture Paste – Extremely texture paste containing actual paper fibres, perfect to add natural textures to your projects. When dried it’s white in colour. Comparatively coarser texture paste and won’t work well through stencils.

Types of Texture Paste Mixed Media Basics Ep 6 5

CrafTangles Rough Texture Paste – Gives a rough texture effect as opposed to a grainy texture like Sand paste or fibre texture like Paper Paste. Perfect for adding texture and once dries it is white in colour.

Types of Texture Paste Mixed Media Basics Ep 6 6

CrafTangles Sand Texture Paste – Heavily grained, adds sand-like texture and dimension to your projects. When dries it is white in colour, can be used through stencils.

Types of Texture Paste Mixed Media Basics Ep 6 7

CrafTangles White Texture Paste – Add smooth texture and dimension to your project, since its white in colour when dried it can be easily tinted with any of the colouring mediums to add colour and then can be applied on projects.

Different types of Texture Paste

So that was it for today folks, hope you enjoyed 🙂

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I will join you in my next post till then take care and Happy Crafting.


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