Accessorise !!

Ideally I should mention 
“I AM ALIVE” before the usual pleasantries. 
Hello there 😛 
Yup ! 
Another card. 
Its a dimensional card and you’ll know why. 
I did step out of my comfort zone for this card. When I say that I imply the multiple techniques I used to make one card. 
Accessorise !! 1
This card is a first for me. I never cared for the inside of a card before but in this card I added a pocket with two super cute tags. 
I love the distress inks for the amazing effect they give when they react with water. 
There is also a hint of shimmer on the tags (tattered angels glimmer mist). 
I somehow love the color unlike what I would usually select. 
Accessorise !! 2
YES ! I put in a lot of effort in cross-matching the tags and the card in general. 
The sentiment and chevron stamps are from Simon Says Stamp. 
Accessorise !! 3
But my special focus remains the bow 🙂
In reality if Tilda were to be a flesh and blood girl, she would collapse under the larger than life hair accessory. Oh well! its a card so lets just say it looks adorable. 
Any guesses? oh forget it..
Let me just say ..if you are ever angry or frustrated and feel like bashing up God’s creatures 😛 buy a packet of Sakura Air Dry clay and knead it while you crush your jaws together. 😀
I made the cute bow using the clay and may I just say …it was like yoga/meditation! 
I colored it later with acrylic paint but that is only because I had not decided upon the colour before. 
Its also coated with diamond stickles just like her carmine pumps.
Best of all, the bow is so light it hardly affects the cards weight. 
However I doubt it would survive the postal trauma.
Accessorise !! 4
Oh and the Tilda was colored using the shinhan touch markers. 
I am working on my coloring skill and I would love to hear your wonderful and expert comments! 
As an artist and a crafter I really don’t hold my person high so any improvement suggested by you will be taken in with utmost respect. 
Accessorise !! 5

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