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DIY Lamp Shade & a tutorial

After going through some of the amazing DIY posts on Pinterest, I have not been able to throw any used stuff from my house and have literally become an hoarder of junk stuff. Well I am really happy to share this post because I could reuse that used stuff to this beautiful lamp –

DIY Lamp Shade & a tutorial 1

To make this, items you will need –

Vellum Paper
Any adhesive
Distress Ink Pads
Any round ring to keep the lamp in shape(I have used leftover tape rolls backing)
LED light/ other light fixture

DIY Lamp Shade & a tutorial 2

To have a more sturdy lamp, I have combined 2/3 vellum papers using glue dots. Then I have stamped on the paper using Black archival ink and then inked the colors to give the background look using the distress inks. Please see to it that you color the paper on the back side and not the same side where you have stamped the image.

DIY Lamp Shade & a tutorial 3
DIY Lamp Shade & a tutorial 4

The I have used my empty tape roll as a guide and pasted the paper around it to give a round shape. You can also color / spray paint those rolls to a color you want for a better look. It was a trial project for me so I kept it as is. Just add a LED or your light source from bottom and you are done.

Hope you enjoyed today’s project.

Happy Crafting,

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