Introducing CrafTangles Ink blending brushes

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First of all a very happy new year to all our readers and crafty peeps and I hope this year be full of creative ideas 🙂

Today i have a very long and informative posts for you all which is different from what I normally do 🙂 So the outcome of today’s post will not be a project however I will be sharing a video tutorial with you all where I compare why CrafTangles ink blending brushes and which cardstocks are good for ink blending.
I consider today’s video as a small science project that I did in my Crafty Lab so I hope you enjoy the process 🙂 I do plan to make a few such posts like these now and then again and I hope you like these posts that I will be sharing.

Anyways starting of if you don’t know what the hoopla is all about, CrafTangles released Ink blending brushes a couple of weeks back and I took my sweet time to do a video with the same and why you ask, that is because I wanted to create a video where I could give you information on Ink blending brushes but not only make cards (as you know I have already done that earlier 🙂 ). I wanted to go a step further and use these with distress inks on all the cardstocks that I own including the ones we find locally. So without further wait, here is how the CrafTangles ink blending brushes looks like –

Introducing CrafTangles Ink blending brushes 1

They come in a pack of 3 and are all of the same size, now I discuss in the video why the same size and advantage of the same. Anyways, coming back to the product they are priced at introductory rate of Rs 549 for a pack of 3 brushes which is very economical so I hope you give them a try 🙂

So here are how I have labelled my brushes –

Introducing CrafTangles Ink blending brushes 2

Now I show you all in the video how I did this, but I also wanted to share how another crafter who is again a well known name in India crafting industry and needs no introduction, yes thats Neha Bhatt from Periwinkle creation stores and labels her brushes.

Introducing CrafTangles Ink blending brushes 3
Introducing CrafTangles Ink blending brushes 4

Now lets dive in to the video as I have tons of after images to share with you all as well (You have been warned its going to be a lengthy one today 😉 )

Video –

So as you can see I have done tons of comparisons on how these brushes work on different cardstock and how ink blending is a breeze with these. Now I am the person who is always most adamant to change so believe my I was most reluctant to start using a new product for ink blending but once I started using these I have now started using my Tim holtz distress inks more often than not which in itself is a big thing for me. Now I know in market people who have tried oxides definitely feel that distress oxides blend way better than distress inks due to better formula however I even though am in to crafting business full time could not justify spending tons of money on oxides after investing in distress inks and not using them to their full potential. Hence I feel that investing a fraction of costs in these brushes and making using of those long ignored distress inks which are a pretty heft investment is worth it.

Now since the demo is out of the way,
coming on how to take care of the brushes, the
limitations of brushes, etc.

1) These brushes are definitely worth the price and the best part is they have head of the same size which really helps with estimation (You will understand what I say when you start using them). This is why I like these brushes even more than make up brushes. (I will link my make up brush post here). The same I have discussed also in my video and trust me it does make a difference.
2) I have never washed these brushes and I don’t plan to wash them as
the inks are easily removed by rubbing it on paper. I think washing will
add to wear and tear to these brushes and since these are fairly
inexpensive I plan to keep one per color family.
3) You cannot combine the same brush for distress inks and distress
oxides as the brushes then behave differently (I already tried on one),
this I think is because the ink bases are different. Distress oxides I
personally felt are more oil-based than distress inks which are
water-based, hence you will need to keep your brushes separate. 
4) When it comes to storage, being in India, it may catch dust hence
instead of showcasing them on a stand, I would suggest storing them in a
makeup pouch, etc.

5) With CrafTangles brushes coverage is pretty quick then make up brushes because you can actually control the pressure you put on the brushes with their head being a manageable size as compared to the make up ones. As I have shown in the video you can use thumb on the head for heavier pressure and heavier application of colors, just using through the neck for lighter pressure in turn giving our lighter inks and layering the inks.
Make up brushes had only con for me which was I could not add a lot of pressure and add heavier color so it was more time consuming, this is now no longer an issue with CrafTangles ink blending brushes. Check my makeup blending brushes post here.

So with all these details out of the way, I know you must be tired reading so many things but sometimes I feel knowledge and information is worth the extra time and effort we put in to gaining them and this one product is definitely that.

So here are the pictures that I promised you of all the cardstocks that I did blending on so you can compare for yourselves on how these look and decide what suit your needs.

Introducing CrafTangles Ink blending brushes 5
Introducing CrafTangles Ink blending brushes 6

Introducing CrafTangles Ink blending brushes 7

Introducing CrafTangles Ink blending brushes 8

Introducing CrafTangles Ink blending brushes 9Introducing CrafTangles Ink blending brushes 10

Introducing CrafTangles Ink blending brushes 11

Introducing CrafTangles Ink blending brushes 12

Introducing CrafTangles Ink blending brushes 13
Introducing CrafTangles Ink blending brushes 14

Introducing CrafTangles Ink blending brushes 15

Introducing CrafTangles Ink blending brushes 16
Introducing CrafTangles Ink blending brushes 17

I hope today’s post even though was long was useful for you all to take an informed decision on products and do keep an eye out on blog as I will soon be sharing some cards using these backgrounds and I will have a lot of videos using these brushes 🙂

Supplies used in this video are as below –

Tonic tim holtz glass media mat –×1425-1914e

And that end’s my post for today, Wish you all a very a Happy new year and I hope we are able to bring you many such creative and informative posts this year 🙂

Happy Crafting,


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