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Khyati here and I am super excited to be sharing some Art Journal Ideas with you all. This is my new free course on HNDMD course website on Art Journalling Ideas. I am so sorry I could not release this course earlier, I have been struggling to manage my commitments as an artist and a store owner. I know many of us to struggle with various responsibilities in our lives and we all want to be good at all things which sometimes do lead to stress. Well, I found a superb outlet to just put my thoughts in words which also helps me reduce stress as an artist. So I can not recommend this art enough to you guys, I personally have started doing it just for the sanity of my mind and to just scribble without any expectations/outcomes.

Introduction on my Art Journal Ideas Course –

In the world of perfection and social media where everything needs to be perfect, Art Journalling has taught me its ok to be imperfect, its ok to just feel and that is what I do when I journal these pages. These pages are very personal to me in terms of – they are filled with my thoughts, my aspirations, sometimes it depicts my current state of mind. So I hope you will be kind when you assess my work and when you see this tutorial as this course is very personal to me and it’s like sharing a part of me with you all 🙂

Here are my Art Journal Pages, again a very picture heavy post so please bear with me 🙂

Let's talk Art Journal Ideas 1
Let's talk Art Journal Ideas 2
Let's talk Art Journal Ideas 3
Let's talk Art Journal Ideas 4
Let's talk Art Journal Ideas 5
Let's talk Art Journal Ideas 6
Let's talk Art Journal Ideas 7
Let's talk Art Journal Ideas 8
Let's talk Art Journal Ideas 9
Let's talk Art Journal Ideas 10
Let's talk Art Journal Ideas 11
Let's talk Art Journal Ideas 12
Let's talk Art Journal Ideas 13
Let's talk Art Journal Ideas 14
Let's talk Art Journal Ideas 15

I know I haven’t talked about the art more rather I have done some philosophical talks today but that is what Art Journalling is to me, its the journal of my innermost thoughts, to me its journalling my growth as an artist, to me it’s reacting to what is happening around me. Again this Journal will vary from people to people, from what I see following other artists, doing my year or two of research I have realised there is no right or wrong way to it and you can use anything you have. The whole goal is to put your thought out there as an artist and what you interpret of the world around you.

Having said that there is no right/ wrong way to it and I encourage all of you to try your own style of art journalling just to have an outlet as an artist and to have the freedom to just express your opinion. So i hope you will join me this course in Art Journalling and the best part this course is absolutely free for you to learn 😀

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