Some watercolour Urban Sketching

HI Everyone,
Khyati here and today I thought I would share a new art form – Urbank Sketching (new to me πŸ™‚ ) with you all, from the past couple of years I have taken up watercolour simply because I find that art too therapeutic and you know me I like to venture out in various art forms and try new things every couple of weeks. So these days I am doing watercolour Urban Sketching art forms and I am loving what I am trying these days. So I thought I would share some of my art work with you all which also resonates this month’s montly challenge which is Seasons / Weather

Some watercolour Urban Sketching 1

I hope you join us this month in our Monthly Challenge, so without further wait let me dive in to some of the Urban sketching I recently did –

Below is some of the early work that I did when I just took up the urban sketching so you can see there is a need for a lot of improvement, but that’s fine because learning is what makes it all fun according to me.

Some watercolour Urban Sketching 2
Urban Sketching

While doing my trials and errors I have realized that I love drawing a vintage scene with a pop of colours and flowers and that is why most of these scenes will have a kind of Spring theme feel to them just because I really enjoy the contrasting colour and bold look to these sketches. If you are new to the watercolor medium I would definitely suggest you give this art form a try because its a very loose and messy watercoloring technique where there are not a lot of expectations of being precise. Now let’s proceed to my more refine drawing where I will try and explain the process to your in 4 to 5 simple steps which I think will work for any new bee for any watercolour technique.

  1. Right mediums are very important for learning a particular art form. This definitely comes with experience and practice so don’t be disheartened if your initial attempts are not good as with each attempt you will learn something new.
    For eg – In my first painting that you see at the top I have used regular diary and not watercolour paper so you can see the instant difference between the first 2 paintings because in the second one I used watercolour paper and then my life became easier and I was able to blend colours give the painting that washes look and able to extend colours etc. So in all my future paintings, I have used the right paper i.e watercolour paper with watercolours.
  2. Any paintings/art form look can be achieved in steps once you understand the concept behind it. So in my first painting, I followed step by step tutorial to understand how the teacher was doing it and then from the second I simply took the picture from Pinterest that I liked and tried colouring them and there were a couple of fails but I got the hang of it after failing in a one or two paintings. So the steps I followed are I started with the right paper first, in my case CrafTangles 100% cotton Handmade Cold Press watercolour paper and CrafTangles liquid watercolours
  3. First sketch out the design with a very light hand using a pencil. If you are new to this and would require a lot of erasing then I would suggest you use CrafTangles 100% cotton cold press paper. Also, don’t think too much about details, just draw a very rough sketch and go over it with a black pen lightly again. You can use any pen of your liking, I prefer Sakura Pigma Micron pens.
  4. Once your basic sketch is ready, let’s get on to fun part which is colouring, now this is what works for me. I use a basic wash of colour first and at that point, in time the colour looks very flat, but don’t get confused or feel weird next part will make it come to life.
  5. Next up, once the layer is dry decide where you want to add shadows and start adding darker colours and blending it with a lower layer and this is where the right paper is very important or you will be unable to blend colours and colours will start bleeding through paper.
  6. Once all the colouring is done you will start adding details using Pigma Micron pens and Sakura gelly roll white pens for added interest. This step will really add more details and interest to the painting.

    That’s it, that’s all the steps to making a cool urban sketching painting πŸ™‚
Some watercolour Urban Sketching 3
Some watercolour Urban Sketching 4
Some watercolour Urban Sketching 5
Some watercolour Urban Sketching 6
Some watercolour Urban Sketching 7
Some watercolour Urban Sketching 8

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and you give this art form a try and join us in our monthly challenge. For more such inspirations you can follow us on our social media handles link below –

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I will join you in my next post till then take care and Happy Crafting.


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