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The Sakura blossoms…

Did you miss me ??
I sure did miss all of you..
And no I am not going to present an ode to the japanese sakura flowers but I thought you might be interested in knowing about my reviews on pens from Sakura and the touch markers from Shinhan. Both the products are available in the store. 
I am a novice in marker based colouring so your ideas, opinions and feedbacks are always invited. 
Lets focus on the principle topic here..I have Sakura Microns, Sakura Stardust pens, Glaze pens, calligraphy brush pens and so on and I love them all. Sakura Micron pens remain my best purchase till  date since they are so buttery when I write, defined and come in 5-6 different nib thickness and best of all they are waterproof. 
So the issue here was, I own a laser printer which uses powder ink and which I gather is heat set on paper. The digital stamp from Tiddly inks did not print well due to low ink.
What did I do ??
I used my 0.5 Micron to redo the outline. If there were any reservations regarding how the sketch markers would behave with laser print, they were gone!!

I wrote the pup’s name next to the pup image (tiddlyinks). 
The gifts in wryn’s hands were coloured using Sakura stardust. I love the gentle shimmer they give when you write with them. The shades are vibrant. 
The Sakura blossoms... 1
As for the colours, the touch markers were used to colour the image. I adore the image and loved colouring with them. They blend easily and I think it was a wise decision on my part to start with Shinhan markers and then progress towards the mighty copics. 
I don’t have a large collection of these markers but I have the basics and they work well together. I did not use any special paper, but thick white cardstock was fair enough and it absorbed the colours without leakage. For a first attempt I guess they should do. 🙂 They are cheaper than copics and should be good to practise. 
Also I have been planning to invest in Distress Markers for their gorgeous palette… Lets see. For now I am in love with sketch markers more than anything. 🙂
The Sakura blossoms... 2
The gorgeous chevron pattern paper is from Sassafras Count me in wee bundle which I totally adore. Again my obsession with MS doily lace punch is apparent. It does not seem to get over. I even made a matching envelope. 🙂

The Sakura blossoms... 3
I hope you like the card and also …just a favour you guys. Can you tell me what is my crafting style ? If you have known me for long and seen my creations you may be able to tell. 
Because I have been on my quest to find an answer .. 😉
And for all I know …you guys are the best at analysis.
Till then keep shopping at Craft Adda. 😀 
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5 thoughts on “The Sakura blossoms…”

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    Love ur signature style of flowers…Love that…And abt this card…Its pretty cute…love the coloring especially!!!!

    Thanks so much for leaving nice comments at my blog, Kalindi…Love it 🙂

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